10 Things to do with Yarn

10 Things to do with Yarn

Published by Michelle on 27th Mar 2020

As someone without small people I find the rule ‘Never tell parents how to parent’ a very solid rule to live by but I thought perhaps, since so many folk are homeschooling at the moment, I would share 10 fun things to do with yarn.  The hope is that you can distract your small folks?  I’m sure that’s naïve (feel free to pat my head and say ‘bless’) but you might get 5 minutes out of some of these?  And it might give you a break from PE with Joe, which I believe is causing racing hearts up and down the country!

And just in case you don’t have any scrap yarn (*lol*), all orders shipped from Friday March 20th will ship with a 20g mini skein, stitch markers and three printed patterns so a mini for them and markers for you : )

These posts have been written by other folk and while some have ads, they are all genuine tutorials.

Slap bracelets

Hands up children of the late 80s / early 90s!?  I loved a good slap bracelet!  This tutorial for yarn wrapped ones is something I’d do myself ; ) 


To buy the bracelets, I searched Google for ‘silicon slap bracelet UK’ and there are lots of options for buying these! 

 And if you feel like treating yourself to a grown up slap bracelet, you could consider a CoCoKnits Maker’s Keep ; )

Coco Knits Makers Keep

I couldn't resist ; )


I saw a shawl that Millie from Tribe Yarns posted recently and she had added tassels so this is definitely not just one for the smallies.  This is a really useful tutorial and while these are for embroidery thread, there is no reason why you couldn’t use yarn.


Gorgeous wall hangings

Many people are putting rainbows in their windows and I think these wall hangings could be adapted to make gorgeous window rainbows!


Cardboard weaving circles

I love these because the urge to weave often overcomes me (until I remind myself that warping is not for me).  Definitely a great way of box recycling!


Weaving Circles from Hello Wonderful

How gorgeous are these? Picture from Hello Wonderful

Yarn-y Stones

I’m not convinced about this but I see a lot of kids painting stones and leaving them in our local park … perhaps yarny ones would be even nicer?


Gods Eye Weaving

I didn’t know these existed until I went looking for ideas and I just love them!  Another option for rainbow window hangings but also Easter decorations and jewellery!


Gods Eye from The Craft Train

Super cute! Picture from The Craft Train

Yarny branches

I’m trying to decide if these are cute or Blair Witch ...!


Super cute hat decorations

I forsee a lot of Christmas trees decorating in these … I may even put my mini socks to the side to make them!


And (almost) finally … PomPoms

No list would be complete without PomPoms and this is a great way of making them!


All ready to be turned into wall hangings, bunting and all sorts!

I had 9 on my list and then I found the Mini Mad Things site!

Make all the things!!  Particularly the yarn wrapped shapes and magic wands! 



Yarn Wands from Mini Mad Things

Magic Wands ... with yarn! Picture from Mini Mad Things

To those of you who are home schooling, I salute you!  May the yarn be with you!


Need something for yourself?  We now have two Virtual Knit and Natter's!  All the details are in our Facebook group.

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