100 Knitting Days to go!

100 Knitting Days to go!

Published by Michelle on 15th Sep 2016

I have held out on this post for as long as possible … but now there are only 100 Knitting Days left to Christmas, it’s time to ask ‘WHAT ARE YOU KNITTING FOR CHRISTMAS’?  I have to confess that I haven’t started mine yet so this post is a bit of a ramble as it’s my way of organising and of reminding myself that I better get my needles going!

I knit mostly for family and while I’m not sure they enjoy the receiving as much as I like the giving, that’s is the spirit of Christmas gifts, right? ; )  I think I’m on 12 knits at the moment … so that’s just over a week for each one if I start today.  I’m all about great wool but quick knits!

 Sista Knit 2015

Sista Knit 2015 ... One of the reasons I love Lang Magic 6 Ply!

So who is getting what?!

My brothers are both getting hats.  It’s a bit of a cheat but family lore has it that my older brother likes the hats I make him & my baby brother loves a wooly hat so why change?  This year I am planning to write my own pattern, something that knits quickly in WYS Fleece Aran but that is double layered in some yet-to-be-defined-way so it’s warm enough!  All I really know is that we are a family of big heads (not arrogant, just big heads!) so it’ll be a 24 inch fit at the smallest!

My sister is also getting a hat … it’s the very first year she has asked for something specific so I’m delighted!  She has a lot of knitwear … some she wanted, some she had foisted upon her.  Last year she got socks and she loved them.  The year before.. well, these fab shorts from Eline Oftedal’s Nordic Knits … She loved them too, in a different way!  I am going to hand dye some yarn in her favourite colour (or see what I find at Yarndale next week!) in a super chunky wool.  I’m not sure what pattern for this just yet. 

Sista Knit 2014

Sista Knit 2014! These were really good fun to make. From Eline Oftedal's Knit Nordic

My Dad is getting what is now his half-yearly pair of socks.  He loves the WYS Signature 4 Ply Bird yarn and has Peacock and Bullfinch so far.  I think it’s going to be Owl this year … or perhaps Mallard because the last pair of Mallard socks started for him ended up being my size rather than his (no idea how that happened!).

For my Mom it feels like a bit of a busmans gift because she is a supreme knitter but I think I’ll make her a two skein version of my Touch Me scarf (coming to the blog in the next couple of days!) because she deserves something made of super gorgeous yarn.  Hopefully it won’t shed on everything like the last scarf I gave her.

By complete fluke, I bought Sweet Georgia yarns in Canada in January in my sisters-is-law's favourite colours (back when the Canadian Dollars was two CAN$ to the UK£ so I feel like I stole it!) and I’m going to make them each a Flight of Colour from Knit Play Colour.  It is my absolute favourite scarf pattern although this time I am cheating and making lazy, non-striped versions (100 days, 12 items!).

Another flight of colour? Sure

You can never have too many Flights of Colour, right?

Simon has asked for something in Life in the Long Grass DK Grey with Neon … He saw it as it was being unpacked at the Pop Up Wool Show and just knew he had to have something in it.  He’s a keeper for sure!

Grey and Neon, yes please

He loves yarn so he's a keeper!

(Moira, if you are reading this, please skip the next paragraph!)

One of my lovely customers has made two beautiful Hitchhiker shawls in LITLG Silk as Christmas presents so I’m copying her for my mother and aunt in-laws!  I have some pre-shop-opening-LITLG in my stash which I need special projects for!

Hitchhiker loveliness

Hitchhiker loveliness!

There are a few more to make up to twelve but putting them in here might be more of a commitment than I should make right now ; )  Will share if I make it to them x

Ok, now that I’ve typed that up, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll find the time for all of those but I’m sure it’ll just magically appear … that or I’ll be finishing my family knits on Christmas Day & St. Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day) ; ).  I’m sure they’ll forgive me, right?

Well, enough rambling I think, best I get knitting ... of course first there is the small matter of the Veyla Mittens that are calling to me …

Happy (Christmas!) Knitting,

M. x

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