12 Pairs in 12 Months

12 Pairs in 12 Months

Published by Michelle on 19th Dec 2019

12 pairs in 12 months 2020 is the TLYC Knit and Knatter Challenge of the Year! : ) Woo!

I have absolutely no idea how many socks (pairs or singles) that I knit in 2019. There were many but I didn’t track them. I would love to know how many so this year I have decided to challenge myself to definitely make and record 12 pairs. All from stash yarn (for now) and all in my basic sock pattern. I will knit more ornate socks but I have my fingers crossed that they’ll be designs for Banshee Yarns.

I’ve picked out 12 skeins of sock yarn from my stash and have put them into a special project bag on their own, so they are all ready to go on January 1st! Most of the pairs will be for me, or as gifts for people with size 7 feet, but there may be a pair or two for Simon! It’s handy that we both need the same number of stitches cast on so he can tell if he likes the way the yarn is knitting up by the time I’m halfway down the leg! : )

My 12 skeins of sock yarn

Mostly for me!

To start as I hope to go on, I’ve added all 12 sock projects to my Ravelry library in their own folder
I have started using Ravelry more and more this year and every time I want it to do something, it just does!

All my projects ready to go

Now all I have to do is not cast on until January 1st

This is definitely the more the merrier which is why I’ve put together some joining details so folk can take part!

  • Joining in (all of these are optional really, except do say hello!: ))
  • 1. Join our Facebook group & say hello!
  • 2. Start a folder in your Ravelry Projects called ’12 in 12 2020’.
  • 3. Identify as many skeins of sock yarns as you can from your stash that you want to use for the challenge & share a pic with the group
  • 4. Create a project for each pair with a picture of the skein of yarn you will use … this is optional as I know not everyone likes to clutter their Ravelry library with unstarted projects
  • 5. Download the 12 in 12 Sock Tracker from the Facebook group
  • 6. Share on Insta if you’d like #tlyc12in122020 … I’ll be using my personal Insta @unrulyknits (warning, this profile contains pictures of both knits and cats)
  • 7. Totally optionally, but request to have your name added to the 12 in 12 Hall of Socks list on the FB group. I’ll include a link to your Ravelry library and your Insta (or other share sites if you are using them)
  • 8. Join our Once a Month Check in in the group, most likely on the first (or last Sunday) of every month but feel free to share your socks all month/year long
  • 9. Perhaps a 2020 meetup around Notts Yarn Expo (if they have me back to exhibit!)


There are no real rules!  I'm waiting until January 1st to start but I know folk who have started already and that is just fine! After that it’s just the sheer joy of turning stash yarn into socks! Any size, any design, they don’t need to be for yourself and if you only need one sock rather than two, then count any two as a pair! : )

Need a little help with socks?  Perhaps my Sock Movie video on YouTube

And for folk are just not sock knitters ... pick out 12 skeins of yarn that you would love to use in 2020, pick projects for them and join in!

Now I'm away to cast on some other socks that won't count but I really need to sock! ; )

Happy socking!


Pin to your Sock Pin Board as a reminder!

Pin to your Pinterest Board

Organising your projects in Ravelry is quite straightforward.  Go to your projects and click Organise.  It lets you tag items and create individual folders.

Organising your Ravelry Projects

Let me know if you need help with this : )

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