52 Weeks of Shawls, the Aloft Shawl

52 Weeks of Shawls, the Aloft Shawl

Published by Michelle on 6th May 2021

The Aloft Shawl by Rebekah Berkompas (Pattern 04 in the book)

I am really drawn to this shawl because of the detail and the integrated iCord edge.  Also I don't think it's a secret that I love to knit with solid or semi-solid colours!  It's also great that there are three sizes in the shawl which means if you are a newer lace knitter, you can start small!

The Yarn specified is Tukuwool Fingering which is a 100% Finnish wool yarn which suggests to me that this project is most suited to a woolier yarn!  Based on this, the two yarns I have in stock that I would recommend are Baa Ram Ewe Pip Colourwork (currently on sale!) and Life in the Long Grass Hinterland.  I really want to cast this on in Hinterland but I am resisting hard at the moment!

Shawl finished measurements (3 sizes).  Image above shows the largest size.
Depth: 26 (32, 39)” / 66 (81, 99) cm.
Width: 52 (65, 78)” / 132 (165, 198) cm.

Pattern Yarn
Yarn: 5 (6, 7) skeins of Tukuwool Fingering by Tukuwool (100% Finnish wool, 200 m – 50 g), colourway Auri. 

Required yarn

Approx. 1000 (1200, 1400) m of fingering weight yarn.

To make in Baa Ram Ewe Pip Colourwork (116m per 25g ball): 9 (11, 13) 25g balls.  I'd probably go for either Malham or Nostell!

To make in Life in the Long Grass Hinterland (350m per 100g skein):  3 (4, 4) skeins.  Cornflower or Ultra for a brighter colour or Oud Wood for a gorgeous neutral look!  Forthe largest size, it is exactly 4 skeins so if you don't fancy yarn chicken, a 5th skein may be necessary.  You can always make a gorgeous matching pair of mittens with any left over yarn! 

Needles: US 3.5 mm 100 cm circular needles.

When substituting yarns, always swatch! ; )

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