Dye Candy July Unboxing

Dye Candy July Unboxing

Published by Michelle on 17th Jul 2019

Welcome to our July 2019 Dye Candy unboxing! This was originally posted live on our Facebook page but I wanted to add it here to the blog so that it could be found later on ... I know it's not just me but sometimes I find something on Facebook and then two minutes later try to find it again and it has vanished!

In the latest delivery from amazing Hutch of Dye Candy, there were a number of new colourways on Super Sock and lots of colourways on Dye Candy's new base Cloud. All of the yarns are available from our Dye Candy page here on the site where you can also see all of the colourways that we have - not to state the obvious but it is blisteringly hot here and my brain is a little bit melted!

All our unboxing are also added to the vlog on YouTube.  You can subscribe if you don't ever want to miss one ; )

While adding this post I thought I might have a look for some Ravelry patterns to go with our new Dye Candy colours and immediately became lost down the Ravelry Rabbit Hole!

Our Simply the Simplest Sock patterns (any of the 4 ply ones) and our Sockkens pattern have all been knit in Dye Candy and are all available on Ravelry but I wanted something more exciting and not my own!

There are some 'old favourites' on Ravelry that are all perfect for Dye Candy:

1. The single skein Reyna Shawl

2. The sockhead hat (blog post to follow of how I knit my version in Cloud!)

3. Hermione's Everyday Socks

but there are also some very exciting new releases including Susanne Sommer's Gridlines which I think will look great in both Dye Candy, Olann and Banshee Yarns Yak Sock (or just about any yarn actually, it's glorious!)

Susanne Sommer's Gridlines Sweater

Image copyright Susanne Sommers, from her Ravelry pattern page for Gridlines

Now I must dash and get a post written about my two Dye Candy hats that I finished which you may also be interested in ; )

Happy knitting (in Dye Candy ; ))


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