Welcome to TLYC

Welcome to TLYC

Published by Michelle on 23rd Jun 2016


Welcome to the very first blog post to celebrate the launch of The Loveliest Yarn Company!

The Loveliest Yarn Company has been a twinkle in my eye for a number of years now so I can't believe that I am sitting down to write this post on the night before the (website) doors open. It's thrilling and unnerving all at the same time.

I should probably tell you all a little bit about The Loveliest Yarn Company, how it came about and why you might like to visit us more than once. It's very straightforward really. I have been knitting since I was eight and while there were big gaps, I returned to it about nine years ago and haven't stopped knitting since. I love finding new yarns and tools and then sharing these with people around me. At the same time I found myself in a job that was completely unsuited to someone who grew up a little wild in West Cork. So when fate intervened it seemed like the right choice to combine my desire to spread knitting and lovely yarn as wide as possible while escaping from endless spreadsheets and so The Loveliest Yarn Company was born.

I won't ramble though as we have done that already on the About Us page but I hope you like what we have selected to share with you so far and I'd love to hear from you. There is a lot more to come of course but we thought we'd start here with some of our favourite lovelies.

Now, best I sign off as I must check that the discount code is working now that we have tipped over into Opening Day!


Michelle, Knitter In Chief at TLYC

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