A Studio of my own

A Studio of my own

Published by Michelle on 16th Aug 2019

I am sharing this this week as many people have kids and other family/friends receiving A Level (UK) and Leaving Cert (Ireland) results and, as well as the headlines about great results, there will be some heartbreak and saddness and, I just wanted to share that life sometimes takes people in all kinds of directions before they find what’s right for them.


I did not get my first choice of University course.  I wanted to do Applied Clinical Psychology in University College Cork.  20 years almost to the day later, it doesn’t matter one bit.

Last week, I laid my first ever piece of vinyl flooring in what must be the tiniest dye studio in the world.  That wouldn’t be that surprising for most people but my Dad has owned a carpet and furniture store since I was 4 so I’m a bit late to the vinyl laying party… I am even the last of my siblings to join the club! : )  I have things I am pleased to have done but I’m not sure I have ever been as proud as I am of that small piece of flooring and what got me to laying it.

In 2004 I joined a really sought after graduate programme and went on to work for some very big global companies.  I hated a great deal of the 12 years I spent working for those companies.  Now I dye yarn in a 2m * 2m outhouse, often in my pyjamas and I have never been happier. 

One of my solid gold life policies is that people without children should never give advice to parents.  I hope it's ok if I make this one exception.  While I was finishing the studio, my Mom was here cheering me on and it reminded me that growing up no one ever told me I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do, you just had to put your back into things.  So to those of you soothing and trying to advise people getting results this week, tell them it’s their life, it’s long and they have plenty of time to get to where they are happy and that 5/10/15 years from now, the pieces of paper they get this week will be in the wind somewhere and won’t matter at all.  Except for a little nostalgia.

Now I’m going to crank up the Bain Marie and wreak some sock blanks #lifeisfunny


A very messy outhouse

We all start somewhere ...

Half way

I was impressed that we managed to even get this far (yep, there was a leak)

A vinyl of my own

My first vinyl! (and yep, there is still a leak)

Bain Marie from Royal

I wonder do catering supply companies appreciate the handdyed yarn business enough?

A yarn spinner

Very aptly named!

Shelves of yarn dyes

Blood, sweat, tears and two drill bit heads went into getting these shelves up!

Michelle and her Mam

My Mom, she's awesome!

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