Pre Ally Pally Sale Time

Pre Ally Pally Sale Time

Published by Michelle on 27th Sep 2018

And so the Ally Pally (The Knitting and Stitching Show, The Alexandra Palace, London (just in case)) packing begins … The first time I exhibited at the AP I can say that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  Last year I at least knew how setup and breakdown was supposed to happen!   This year, I’m trying to behave like I’ve been there before and am starting early this year in the vain hope that I won’t be printing prices the night before … a girl can dream.

Also this year, very excitingly, we are partnering with two brands you know and love to make sure we have plenty of their gorgeousness with us this year so I really need to be organised!  More about that exciting news closer to the show.

So, the packing started on Sunday with a brutal organisation of the shop … every ball, skein, needle, book etc was looked at …   And it was during this that I decided it really is time for a Mini Sale! 

There are quite a few yarns where we are down to the last colours, bases, skeins and honestly, when you are at those levels of stock for a product, it becomes a game of hide and seek … Just before my second last lot of LITLG, I spent an hour searching for one of the last remaining skeins, only to find it in with Socks Yeah!

We also have a few yarns that have over stayed their allocated space allowance.  For these I think it must be a little like that feeling parents have when their children are about to leave home for uni/work/travel … you love them but you’d love their room more if it was a home office / indoor jacuzzi room!  And, as the saying goes, cashflow is king (honesty, the best policy!) and we’d like to turn those yarns into other yarns! ; )

And then there are a couple of yarns, which we love and will continue to stock, but they seem to have been breeding in their boxes and I’m not sure how we ended up with so many! (well, I do know how it happened but sshh!)

The official end time/date for this sale is midnight BST, September 27th 2018 although some will remain on sale indefinitely ; )

So here we go ... 

Category 1: The Last of the Skeins

Life in the Long Grass Fine Sock

I know! LITLG is never discounted but I have a huge shipment of it arriving at the start of October and these lonely colourways need a new home before I lose them in the chaos:

The last of our LITLG Fine Sock colourways

Qing Fibres

Layla of Qing has the most gorgeous new colourways available and in bases that are different to the one I currently stock so before I order those, these lovelies need to go to new homes.  This yarn makes perfect sock Christmas gifts! (When you order these, if you’d like a download code for a free Ravelry copy of our Simply the Simplest Sock, just drop me an email!) :

Qing Fibres Super Soft Sock

Dovestone Aran

This beautiful yarn, like Dovestone DK, is no longer being produced so we have the last of our skeins on-sale now that Aran weather has arrived.

(As well as the odd skeins, we also have a pack of 10 skeins of Shade 4 in the same batch number available which we would love to sell as a packet … £105.50 for the pack is just under a 25% discount on the original price.  If you fancy this, just drop me an email)

Dovestone Natural Aran

Herriot and Herriot Fine

My heart was almost broken when it looked like I wouldn't be able to get this yarn after Designer Yarns closed.  However, we now have a way of getting it back in stock!  Phew!  However, first I want to clear out all the remaining colourways to avoid faffing about with batch numbers (the joy!). These are a steal at this price as the new prices will be higher than the original prices and who doesn't want to spoil someone with alpaca socks this Christmas ; )

Our remaining Juniper Moon Farm

Also if you buy either Herriot or Herriot Fine we’ll pop in copies of our Touch Me shawl

WYS Illustrious

We love this yarn and plan to restock many of the colours.  However Sandstone and Oatmeal have been hanging about a little so before we restock we'd like to offer them at a lower price, in case anyone can be tempted!

There is a very lovely free sweater for Illustrious on the WYS page.  In stock we have enough yarn to make up to the 42 inch chest size in Oatmeal (6 balls) and all pattern sizes (up to 46 inches) in Sandstone (we have 9 balls left).

Free Illustrious pattern!

Category 2: Yarn we love but it's time for it to fly the nest (well, storage box!)

These have been in our bargain basket for a while but we have dropped the prices even further!

West Yorkshire Spinners Essentials DK 

This is a work horse yarn that sells in fits and starts ... we'd keep it but we'd like the space it takes up to be filled with a new handdyed range instead ; ) It’s perfect for blankets, homeware & socks and at £3.00 is it almost cost price!

When you buy this yarn, if you would like a code for a free Ravelry version of our Cwtch blanket or DK sock patterns, please just drop me an email and I'll send you one (or both!) through.

West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Aran 

We have sold out of most colours in this yarn but we have green, white and green so lots of Christmas options!  I keep thinking an Enchanted Mesa from West Knits in this would make the best office Christmas jumper … any takers!?

WYS Cocktails Aran and DK

These are not really yarns we want to see leave but they are on sale to match their single colour friends x

Aran Cocktails

DK Cocktails

When you buy this DK yarn, if you would like a code for a free Ravelry version of our DK sock patterns, again, we'll be happy to email you one, just ask.  You are also welcome to it if you buy the aran but the pattern is for DK.

West Yorkshire Spinners Fleece DK pastels 

I admit it, I ordered these in completely the wrong colours!  It is a beautiful soft yarn that a lot of people love in the other colours but in pastels, no one loves it!  It’s now £3.00 a ball so a complete bargain!

Pastel Fleece DK

We are happy to send you a download code for a free Ravelry download code of our Cwtch Blanket pattern when you buy this yarn.


This has been in the bargain basket the longest!  I'll be hoenst, in these colours it may remain there but honestly, a single ball makes a lovely scarf and socks knit out of these are super hardwearing!

Take me to the super hard wearing sock yarn!

Fancy socks from this yarn?  We'll send you a download code for a Ravelry copy of our Sport weight sock pattern when you order! 

Category 3: Why do I have so much of these?

WYS Gems

A yarn we are keeping but are a little over stocked on (if I can’t get it all in one box, I am sad!) 

West Yorkshire Spinners Gems

Socks Yeah 4 ply

No idea why we have so many skeins in some colourways in this yarn .. it is awesome but there are limits on how much we should have in stock at any one time!

We'll help you Michelle by taking some of this off your hands 

And because postage isn’t always fun!

We now offer Pick Up at Show for as many shows as we can and that includes the Ally Pally!  If your order is over £40 & you’re in the UK, postage is free regardless but if it’s under (or if you are coming from overseas) you can add Pick Up at Show for the Ally Pally to your basket.  Doing this will remove the postage charge and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up at the AP show between October 11th and 14th.  (Sadly this doesn’t include entry to the show)

Now… I better get back to packing! ; )

Happy knitting (& shopping)! 


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