Amongst Knitters, The Knitting Hotel

Amongst Knitters, The Knitting Hotel

Published by Michelle on 26th Oct 2018

I’m not even sure where to begin or if there are really any words for just how amazing our weekend here was! 

This is also one of those posts that if I hadn’t already booked in again, I wouldn’t really be writing it!  The more people who know about it, the more likely it is to be even more booked up.  What if I couldn’t book back in again until 2025?  I’m not sure I could cope!

A little about The Knitting Hotel!

It is run by the amazing Belinda Harris Reid.  For those of you who don’t know Belinda or haven't knit with her yarns (if you don’t have at least a skein of her yarn in your stash I need you to ask yourself if you have ever been to a yarn show or if you are really even a knitter ; )), Belinda runs Belinda Harris-Reid Knitwear designs and has her own range of the most beautiful natural yarn bases and shades.  Belinda’s yarn was some of the first really good quality skeined yarn I ever knit with.  My guppy tailed YO in Moonshine is one of my treasured knits, the yarn bought at the Ally Pally, long before exhibiting there was even a twinkle in my eye.  

When I saw the hotel was opening I was like ‘Oh, that would be awesome’ but I’m one of these people who book things last minute and with this, that was never going to be an option.  Enter my mother (who is a huge hoarder of Belinda’s yarns)!  She saw the flyers at Belinda’s stand at Wonderwool, discovered there were two spaces available in October and I’m not sure I’d left Wales before we were booked in!

Our weekend there 

I won’t lie, the 6 weeks before we went were the busiest I have had since opening the business. Finishing the book to launch it this year, an extremely time consuming secret knit (details coming as soon as possible), Perth Festival of Yarn, prep for the AP, a secret outing (yes, I know) in the 48 hours before heading to the AP, then the extreme show experience that is the AP as well as running the shop and I have to say by the Tuesday after the show I was running only on caffeine and adrenaline and the adrenaline was fading fast!  I wasn’t sure whether to curl up on the floor or cry or just go whole hog and do both!  I about managed to pack some clothes and 6 knitting projects (I always have just enough adrenaline for unrealistic levels of knitting project packing!) before my mother bundled me into the car for the trip to Devon!

We arrived and it was like stepping into the most glorious, stress-free, knitting other world!  I’m an atheist but if there was a heaven, this would be it!

The Decor is to die for

Stairway to yarn!

Many a fashion show just waiting to happen

Many a fashion show just waiting to happen

The décor alone is worth going for!  Even the bed throws and cushions are all knit out of Belinda’s gorgeous yarns and it made me think ‘Why would you knit them in anything else’!

I feel like saying too much would kind of spoil how amazing it was so I took some pics to share!

Sunrise Day 1

Sunrise Day 1

Everything is perfect

Go on, try not to be tempted

This room has seen a lot of knitting

The Knitting Room, a room that has seen much laughing, tinking and frogging ; )

Even the bathroom is perfect

Even the bathroom is perfect!

The rooms were amazing, the beds soft, the linen divine.  The view something that money can’t buy, the food worthy of any 5 star hotel and the surroundings just perfect.  Of course it was the company and the knitting that made it! 


Not sure my house is suitable for this but I am going to give it a good go!

We had Brioche lessons with Belinda and Brenda on Friday and Sunday.  I have had a stab at brioche before but to have two days to spend doing nothing else really felt like the only way it would have gone in … and it did!  I feel confident that, with many life lines and a quiet room of course, I could tackle the projects in Nancy Marchant’s books!  Of course Brioche is better with beautiful yarn and we were spoilt with two skeins of Devon Yarn, spun for Belinda by John Arbon!  Belinda has two really straight forward Brioche patterns that are a great place to start - Keep it Cosy & Here We Go again.

I know YouTube is awesome, websites are awesome but nothing beats taking the time away to learn something, totally away from everything else.  I mean even if I sit down to learn something here, and I don’t have any kids or distractions really, I find it hard to take a whole day to learn something without getting distracted by the fact that the house needs a hoover.

Saturday was finishing lessons with Claire Crompton.  A finishing class is always worthwhile because there is always something new to learn!  Sewing in ends is now something I look forward to! 

Why yes this is perfect finishing

Why yes, that is glorious sewing together and some Swiss Darnoodling! (Darning + Doodling!)

 And of course there was some very restrained yarn buying!  I defy anyone to spend four days surrounded by such gloriousness and not buy anything!  I treated myself to Jazz and the yarn … I adore a big shawl/scarf/wrap and this is the ultimate wrap around!  And the best thing is now that we are all going back together for another weekend, we have challenged one another to bring back at least one of the projects you bought completed! 

How could I not go back

Sunrise on the last day

It is super trite but even a week later I still feel all glowey, high on knitting and all inspired to do more adventurous knitting and better designing!  I’m just relieved that I am booked in for a weekend next year although I think by Thursday night going to bed that myself and Mom knew we would not be leaving without booking in again!

When I knew I'd be back

My view on the very first evening, how could I not want to book in again straight away!

And with that I better take myself off and do some actual work … rather than dreaming about knitting in bed!

Happy knitting!


Questions you might have: 

Is The Knitting Hotel for me? Are you a knitter?  Then, YES!

How do I book?  You can find all the 2019 dates here – there are a few spaces left … I would not wait very long!

Do you need to go with friends?  Not at all!  Of the guests, only myself and my Mom knew one another before we arrived.  And you are in the company of knitters so you are amongst friends! 

Can I bring non-knitters?  Don’t even!  Why would you bring someone who might try to get you to do something like leave the hotel when you could just be knitting!  Enjoy your time away from bothersome non-knitters! 

Only knitters will understand

Even thought non-knitters would appreciate the awesomeness of The Hotel, that doesn't mean you should bring them!  This really is a case of 'Just because you can, doesn't mean you should'

What do you say?

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