Becoming a monogamous knitter

Becoming a monogamous knitter

Published by Michelle on 27th Nov 2018

Exhibiting at yarn shows is great for so many of reasons, one of which is the knitting ideas that it opens you up to.  The one idea that has really struck me this year is this idea of being a monogamous knitter.  I searched for this and found this great definition on Truly Myrtle’s blog:

“A monogamous knitter works on just one project at a time and finishes it before they cast on the next. A polygamous knitter has numerous projects on the go, darting from this one to that, usually simultaneously gathering numerous lovely project bags in which to store all their WIP's (works in progress)." 

I am definitely a polygamous knitter!  I mean who even knits monogamously!  It turns out, as I discovered talking to people at shows, quite a few people!  A WIP drawer with one WIP or, maybe, shock, not even having a WIP drawer.  (I only got a WIP drawer this year, it was a WIP house until then!).

The more I have thought about it, the most appealing I have found the idea.  And even if it was only mostly monogamous, I’m a relatively quick knitter with a lot of knitting time so surely I am almost obligated to give it a try!  So for 2019 I am going to try to become a (mostly) monogamous knitter!  Don’t feint now, it’s not going to be too extreme! 

To start me off, I have created my own 6 step plan … I love a list!

The WIP Drawer

The taming of the WIP Drawer! My crochet blanket is to the side as otherwise it wouldn't be possible to close the drawer

Step 1: Whip those Wips

This week, I took an extended day off!  4:30pm last Monday until Tuesday night.  I try to have a day off after the big shows … mostly because I’m just physically worn out.  I crouched down to get something off a low shelf in Asda on Monday night and Simon had to pull me up!

I could have tidied the house but I went knitting instead and I have three finished objects to show for my efforts, including my two oldest WIPs!

My Lucy Vest from Eline Oftedal: 

My Oldest WIP

And it's done!

While I only steeked this in June of this year, it was cast on in September 2015 (yep!).  There was only arm and neck ribs to be done on this and sewing in.  If you happen to see this garment in person, do not look inside ; ).  I’m pleased I finished it as it is really quite cosy with all the colourwork.  It is definitely not flattering but I am going to wear it regardless!  Warmth above fashion and all that!

Following on from there, and definitely quite a bit younger, my Polgooth Socks, a Blacker Yarns pattern.

The yarn was bought at Yarndale 2016 and the first sock finished in May 2017 … so definitely second sock syndrome!  I abandoned these because I found the pattern a bit confusing but now that I have been knitting so much more, I was able to work around the confusion!  I’m not sure if it was me or the pattern – most likely me! 

The third finished item was a Sockhead hat in Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Fine.  It’s a gift that should have been finished before the end of the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show … oops!  It was only on needles for a short while though.

I also turned a heel on a pair of Simply Socks, also in Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Fine.  They are a commission knit.  I very rarely commission knit but when your MIL asks, you don’t say no : )!  These have to be finished by Saturday December 8th so I’m currently working on them. (Update! I finished the second sock last night after I wrote the post so the sock is now in the picture!)

Three more finished objects

Why yes, the Polgooth socks are not a match but I was going to run out of yarn!

And I have resurrected a Clem Sweater that I am knitting in Rowan Creative Worsted.  My second sister in law (I’m really lucky to have two knitworthy sisters in law!) loves big sweaters so it will have a home!  It has to be finished by December 20th so I’m also working on it (see, this totally monogamous knitting is very hard!) 

I checked my last WIP post … and I can now confirm that except for a second Latvian mitten (which may never be knit), there is nothing outstanding from this post!

Step 2: Bring on the Frog

Sometimes you have to admit defeat/that something will be done but just not in a respectable time!

I ripped back my Moder Dy … yes, I know .. but I decided that I would like my OA so ripped back to use my Buachaille for that.  I will cast on a Moder Dy and finish one in the future for sure but the time is not now.

Slow Exposure in The Wool Barn.  I started this in 3.25mm needles as I thought I’d like a more firm version than my previous ones.  However, the yarn base is so lush that it deserves to be knit more airily.  This will be cast on again before December is out as it is going to be my Christmas knitting.  

Brioche Scarf – a continuation from my weekend at The Knitting Hotel … I ripped this back as I want to knit brioche but I must knit some from books I stock in the shop and I think I only have space in my little brain for one brioche project at a time.

I pulled back both of the Catdigans I had cast on.  The less said about that the better.  A bit like the Slow Exposure, they'll be cast on again as holiday knitting.

Some frogged friends

Remembering Frogged Friends!

Step 3: Ravelry projects for all other WIPs with END Dates!

The Wipping and Ripping left me the following projects

The Simply Socks and Clem Sweater mentioned above.

Lush Cardi in John Arbon and Old Maiden Aunt DK – started after Perth Festival of Yarn and is only awaiting sleeves so it isn’t a very old WIP.

The Lush Cardigan

I admit in, I'm on Sleeve Island with this!

Tegna in The Shade of It.  This and the clem sweaters are both beyond the ‘split for front and back’ stages and I think I have a thing about progressing sweaters beyond this point.  This is on the list but as it’s 4 ply, it may be down the list a wee bit.

The Tegna Sweater

We shall see what becomes of this

Funchal Mobieus.  This is my only outstanding shop sample.  It is a really enjoyable knit but it is a slow knit for sure.  I met a woman wearing the most beautiful version in green and cream and before I said anything about the time it was taking she said that it would eventually be finished! : )

Funchal Mobieus

I'm in this for the long (long, long) haul

And my two crochet projects of course, such that they are

The poor Toft alpaca... there are three limbs and a body ... just a head and another arm and at least he'd have some dignity.  Maybe on my next day off.

The poorly Toft Creature

This poorly thing!

My bedspread size granny square blanket in Romney Marsh yarn.  This is something that gets picked up, a round or two done, and then it gets put down.  It'll get there but it will be a while.  I think this will take up my crochet allowance for quite a while.

The big bad bedspread

Another one for the long haul list

The Lush cardigan I'd love to have finished for Christmas.  The Tegna I was tempted to rip but there is too much of it.  I'll see if I can resurrect it in the next few days if only just to see where I left it.  The Funchal Mobieus will probably see some weekly action just so I have it in time for the Olympia next year.

All the projects have now been added to my Ravelry Project Page!

Step 4: Admit to other WIPs

I *think* there is a very old piece of knitting in the loft in Rowan Kid Silk.  It’ll be ripped out if possible … mohair does not like to part with itself.  (Update: I also found a part unravelled scarf from Island which I had gone wrong with this morning.  It has now been frogged!)

I also have a couple of ‘finished but require fixing’ as well that don’t really count!  The Sharman shawl in Life in the Long Grass is beautiful but the sleeves on it just don’t fit me well and I think it's time to convert it into a plain shawl. Not sure I’ll get this done before Christmas so it's in the finished drawer at the moment.  I also need to add pom poms to my Chunky hats as it's fine for me to know that you can make two big pom poms with the remaining yarn but without that detail in the pics or in the pattern, it really isn't much good to anyone : )

Step 5: Start earning Cast on Credits!

So I need to have something to aim for so I think if I got to one project in each of the following categories, I'd be doing really well: One personal project, One Sock project, One design project, One Shop sample and a crochet project.

Of course that is not going to happen very quickly so until I have gotten to that point, I can only cast on a project if two projects have been cast off.  To start me off, I have 1.5 cast on credits earned from above (gently, gently).

I'm hoping to have another one by finishing the socks and use that to cast on the Slow Exposure which needs to be on its way north in the next 10 days!  I’ll then have one credit saved up for Christmas in case I don’t get the Clem sweater finished.  (Update - I now have two whole credits because I finished the socks! Woot)

Step 6: Create and manage a future knitting list

Ravelry has a lot of great tools so I have now updated  my queue with my 'soon to be cast on' projects!  I am hoping having such a list will keep me on the straight and narrow and not allow me to get too distracted!

So, after finishing the socks, and while continuing the Clem Sweater and finishing the other WIPs, the following is my planned cast on order before Christmas:

  1. Socks in Marie Curie yarn from City Knits
  2. Peeky Cats as a gift
  3. Mini Volt Sweater … as approved by my niece
  4. Slow Exposure in The Wool Barn (second time, with the right needle size!)
  5. Simon's Catdigan sweater

(Rereading this post for spelling errors and I completely forgot about the Slow Exposure that needs to head North ... yep, that and the Marie Curie socks are getting cast on very shortly ... those credits didn't last long!)

And then I need to start planning for some of my own designs and the samples that will need to be ready when show season starts again next year!  Of course there are is also the Sockmas KAL socks. Oh didn’t I mention them?  What’s a trio of small socks and a being run dreadfully knit-a-long between friends ;)

Happy monogamous knitting!


Next time: Tomorrow it’s mitten recipe time ... at long last!

Fancy joining The Loveliest Yarn Company Facebook Group?  I’m going to be revamping it in the next wee while to make it much more useful and jolly!

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