Book of the month, March: Lace by Chester wool

Book of the month, March: Lace by Chester wool

Published by Michelle on 1st Mar 2021

I was delighted when I saw this book from Chesterwool because more than half the patterns can be knit in yarns that are available from TLYC and those that I don't currently have, I can get!

'Lace' from Chesterwoolcontains seven patterns which vary from fairly easy lace stoles to more complex shawls and would be a great place to start if you have started with lace and want to progress through a number of difficulty levels!

There are 6 lace weight shawls and one 4ply weight shawl. 4 of the lace weight shawls are suitable for knitting in Banshee Yarns Cashmere lace or our brand new Yak Lace Singles and I am hoping to have a beautiful yarn in stock from this week that is suitable for the one 4ply weight shawl in the book.

Sky on Yak Lace Singles

The following patterns can be knit in our Banshee Yarns lace weight yarns: Primula, Little Leaves, Daisy Mae and Mercedes. The first three require 800m of lace and Mercedes requires just 600m. (Pics below)

For the month of March, when you buy ‘Lace’ you get 10% off Cashmere Lace and Yak Lace Singles. Just add the book to your cart and then add the yarns and the discount will be applied automatically!

If you order the book on its own it ships as a large letter and I'll refund the postage difference! (Still working on how to get postage to behave itself for small items on the site).

And, the best news for lace knitters, the patterns include both written and charted instructions

As a bit of an aside, the book was the inspiration for Simply the Simplest Shawls as well because I had all of the patterns written separately but when I saw this book, it gave me the idea to combine them all together. I didn't quite make it to the same level of styling in the book but I think Simon did quite a fab job of the modelling! If you fancy a free copy of Simply the Simplest shawls, just sign-up to our newsletter!

Now my lovelies, I am away, I must update my yarn order to Chester wool to add a few more suitable yarns ; ). 

Find Lace from Chester wool here on the site!

Happy knitting,



Little Leaves

Daisy Mae


Shawl images copyright Chesterwool

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