Christmas Knit 2017

Christmas Knit 2017

Published by Michelle on 11th Dec 2017

Just sharing my Christmas Knit for 2017 ... well, what I've decided so far! : )

I have never knit as much as I have this year.  Needing a sample for a show definitely focuses the mind.  Choosing what to knit for the shop is a combination of answering what do I think people will want to see knit up (patterns and yarn), which yarn needs a little more help to sell, a good sprinkle of will it be ready for the next show and then a tiny bit of what do I feel like knitting. It means I'm always spoilt because part of my job is knitting and because I only stock what I love, well, I get to knit lots of lovely things!


Sockvent Sock 9

I have loved designing and knitting the Sockvent socks but I may be a little socked out right now (until 2018 that is ; ))

With that said, I have never knit less for myself than I have this year.  Nor have I knit less for others.  There are no knit Christmas gifts this year (with one exception and that’s a commission knit!) for anyone.  Thank goodness for West Yorkshire Spinners ready made socks!  I feel the loss of it a little.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to knit just for the sake of knitting so even a garter blanket would keep me happy but I think it’s time to knit something just for me.

Also, I miss knitting from my yarn collection (it has it’s own postcode, stash just isn’t a big enough word ; ) ).  Samples for the shop are knit in yarn that is for sale in the shop (generally) so I have been just dying to get into some of the beautiful yarns I have bought this year.

I have spent the last 6 weeks (while knitting mostly advent socks & other shop bits and pieces) debating what to knit just for me.  It shouldn’t take so long but because it is going to be my Christmas and New Year monogamous knit, I want it to be the right one.  It’s daft though.

A very close second

A very close second ... but I will 'have to' knit this for the shop so it couldn't make the final cut! (Sharman from Knitting Outside the Box, image copyright PomPom Press)

I’ve been through all the knitting books I have bought this year & last … shop and otherwise.  What a year it has been for knitting books & patterns!  Even just in the last few months with Happit, A Year of Techniques, This Thing of Paper and Knitting outside the Box.  And that’s not even mentioning all the single patterns from individual designers nor the books of last year which I still haven’t spent enough time with. 

After much time though, I think I’m there … the Moder Dy from The Book of Haps.  I feel like it’s a Pinnacle Knit for me.  A pattern that deserves to be knit alone, with nothing else on needles (well, everything else on needles hidden away!), in some of the most gorgeous yarns that I have been hoarding.

The Moder Dy

The Moder Dy (photograph copyright Kate Davies)

And then the next dilemma … what colours!   I have been through most of my stash (collection does sound too grand!) and have come up with the following options:

Option 1 Yarns Buachaille Socks that Sock Kettle Yarn Co

Option 1: Buachaille, Socks that Rock, Fyberspates and Kettle Yarn Co

Option 2 Yarns Buachaille J and S Mad tosh

Option 2: Buachaille, Mad Tosh & Jamieson and Smith

For option 1, I can’t decide if it will be too dark and for option 2 I can’t decide if it will be too light and therefore get grubby … there were a few other options I looked at but they were a little too bright and while a West Knits meets Hap would be great, I’m going to save my bright hand dyes for WestKnits BestKnits Vol 2 (in the shop from Jan 2018!).

I’m casting on on the 16th of December as it’s the last date for shipping to everywhere except the UK (to get there before Christmas that is, we're shipping all the way through as long as the Post Office is open) so I’ll probably have changed both options a hundred times before now and then. I’ll be sharing my pics on my personal Insta account (@unrulyknits, as I haven’t had done as much personal knitting this year, there is a preponderance of pusses on it but there will be a proportionate decrease in cats as I knit this!) and on the shop project page on Ravelry.

Of course I could always knit both … I wonder it is possible to make two haps between the 16th of December and the 16th of January … somehow I don’t think so.  The question should probably be, is it possible to get the outter lace element knit between now and next Christmas! ; )

I’d love to hear about any special Christmas / New Years knit plans that everyone has!  The more the merrier!

Happy knitting!


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