Christmas Knits, the final tally!

Christmas Knits, the final tally!

Published by Michelle on 29th Dec 2016

I was about to post my Knitting (and Crochet(!)) resolutions for 2017 when I realised that I had just brushed the details of my Christmas knits under the carpet, well, into the back of my WIP pile so I thought it best to go back to the Christmas Knits Confessional one more time!

I had great plans 100 days before Christmas, some worked out and some, well, not so much.

The (mostly) As Promised

My Dad

  • Promised: Hand knit socks (single pair) in West Yorkshire Spinners Country Birds Pheasant
  • Delivered: Two pairs of socks in West Yorkshire Spinners Country Birds Pheasant and Blue tit, machine knit by the folk at the mill!  Only a small cheat, I submit.  I hadn’t seen the WYS machine made socks before so I was thrilled when they arrived as they really are gorgeous and the best substitute I could have found.  I may be adding a pair to my next WYS order, just for research purposes obviously.

See? Totally Gorgeous & so not cheating (well, maybe a little!)

If you would like a pair, you can buy them directly from the West Yorkshire Spinners Website.


  • Promised: Hat in Life In the Long Grass DK in a colour of his choice (Grey & Neon)
  • Delivered: Hat in Life In the Long Grass DK in a colour of his choice (albeit a different colour from that originally selected - he eventually went for Irish Black).  The pattern is the Dots pattern from the Tin Can Knits book Mad Colour and I have to say, even as I knitted the hat, I was a bit in love with it, so the best news is that I have enough to make one for myself too!  

My Sister

  • Promised: Big chunky hat in hand-dyed yarn.
  • Delivered: Big chunky hat in not so hand-dyed yarn, Sirdar Gorgeous turned up in Knit Nottingham just on time.  It was a ‘bespoke’ hat, just for her.  You can find the pattern I ‘wrote’ (concocted really) here.  I’m pleased to say she loved it!

Michelle Barry and Katie In Hats

Me (in Simon's hat!), Baby Brother in his hat, Baby Sis in her hat!

My Brothers

  • Promised: Aran hats in a pattern written by me (from now on, I think I’ll always use ‘concocted’)
  • Delivered: DK hats in a pattern designed by the fabulous Tin Can Knits ... much better!  My baby brother has declared his hat his ‘Pig Feeding Hat’.  He initially hated it but later conceded that the colours really suited him.   Of course they did, I have been looking at him for 30 years, I know what will look pretty on him!

My Brothers

Can't beat Aire Valley DK in Blue Lagoon & Mojito (Modelled by Barry & Sean!)

My Second SIL

  • Promised: Flight of Colour (from Knit Play Colour) in her favourite colour
  • Delivered: Flight of Colour in her favourite colour with improvised ends as I ran out of yarn.  Probably the most successful of my Christmas knits - Flight of Colour for the win, every time!  Also, as she is sensitive to woollier wool, the Superwash Sweet Georgia was a great (if not deliberate!) choice. 


  • Promised: A Hitchhiker scarf in hand-dyed yarn
  • Delivered: The Champagne Punch shawl in not-so-handdyed but still lovely yarn.  Champagne Punch is from Joeli Creates Natural Shades pattern book and while it is usually knit in DK, I knit it in a self-striping 4 ply and I was pleased with how light and airy it turned out.  As it was very last minute (there may have been a hair dryer used to speed up the blocking process!) I didn’t get a picture but will pester for one!

The Not Quite as Promised

Of course in the middle of all the knitting, I did myself a little mischief, lifting things I shouldn’t have been lifting, and whatever I did, it had a bizarre effect on my thumb which became quite annoyed!  As I knit using my right hand to hold the yarn, rather than continental style, I had to take a couple of days off knitting.  Not the end of the world (completely the end of the world!!!) but from now on anything heavier than a feather will now require someone else to lift it, I need my knitting thumb fighting fit at all times!

So the mischief left a few unfinished articles about! 

My First SIL

  • Promised: Flight of Colour in her favourite colour
  • Status: Plain cowl in her favourite colour (Purple so Purple Haze in Aire Valley DK was perfect!).  It was finished but it was not good enough.  To get around the knitting ban I knit it continental style and let’s just say my tension was quite off (way off, I didn’t know you could get DK to that size on 4mm needles!).  Something nice for her birthday instead.

Prettily photographed but big enough for a Rhino Neck

Perhaps if she had the neck of a male rugby player ... (back row?)

My Mom

  • Promised: Touch Me Shawl
  • Status: In progress, will be delivered in early January … still in time for chilly weather.  She forgave me because Knitters (and Mammies) know!

An Almost Touch Me Shawl

An almost Touch Me Shawl!

My Mother In Law

  • Promised: HitchHiker in Hand-dyed yarn
  • Status: Undelivered & requirements have now changed!  My MIL recently discovered hand-dyed yarns and has made herself two gorgeous cowls so no HitchHiker required at the moment.  It looks like it will now be socks for Easter in the Orange & Yellow from The Knitting Goddess, which I cannot wait to knit up.

I love giving Christmas knits but I think next year I may take a year off, particularly as shop samples take priority and I need to look after my poorly thumb.  I’m sure I’ll be forgiven because now that everyone has hats and scarfs and socks and shawls, it’d be Christmas jumpers next and I’m sure everyone will be glad to be spared naughty reindeer jumpers!

Now, time to continue planning the next samples but no starting until I finish the last three shop WIPS although perhaps just one more cast on wouldn’t hurt! 

I hope everyone elses’s Christmas knitting turned out as planned but most importantly that it was loved by the recipient (and not the victim of any ill-advised washing machine action!) 

Happy Knitting,


Just to say as well, our sale is still on (until December 31st) just in case you feel like a bit of shopping for some Knitting For Yourself (Capitals very necessary!).

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