48 Hours to Show

48 Hours to Show

Published by Michelle on 26th Feb 2018

Lots of show things are done way in advance (now that I have experience!) - the stand is booked since last year, the accommadation is booked (4 doors down from last years AirBNB so we even know the good pub nearby), the van is booked (please don't let them run out of medium wheel bases and give us a long wheel base, no one wants that in London) and I even booked on time for the special van parking at the Olympia which means not having to keep everything crossed that our AirPark (AirBNB for parking) will fit the van (it did, but only good driving skills from Simon got us out).  All the stock has arrived (we even have new handdyed which we will launch as new to us at the show!) and it's been a holding pattern until now.

I spent a great deal of last night dreaming about the Olympia.  Nothing beats a dream about trying to wheedle an extra  half an hour drop off time from the parking folk and then not being able to get the big lift to work so they end up towing your van.

I have to say that I am much calmer about shows than I was at the beginning … I now know that:

a) Regardless of ambition, the laws of physics mean you can’t get everything either in the van or on the stand

b) No matter what you bring, you either won’t have enough or have too much of some things

c) At least once you will be asked for a jumper quantity of the one colour you don’t have a jumper quantity of

d) You will sell an entirely different set of items on each day and will have restocked all the wrong stuff overnight

e) Your best seller from previous shows may very well sit completely unsold

f) The one time you have plenty of the colour yarn in a sample, no one will buy that colour

g) The one thing everyone really wants will be in the van

h) You will sell something online that you have never sold before but has just sold out at the show

But all of those things are the excitement of shows because while I know those things, I also know

a) Yarn lovers understand that you can’t get everything on the stand

b) You will have just enough of other things

c) Someone will buy a jumper quantity of something that you have a jumper quantity of

d) Selling a different set of items on each day is the absolute best because it means you run out of nothing and don’t have to panic restock after the show

e) You’ll have a new best seller

f) You’ll just have to knit another sample (oh shame)

g) Simon is good at running to the van

h) We have had to up our stock management game and that is only a good thing!

With only a few hours left to go, there's no time more for worrying about the big things, it's time for the practical things that won't do themselves (and which are a relief after worrying about just how much sock yarn is too much sock yarn)! 

> Locate and charge the PayPal machine (last seen in the Feck off I'm counting project bag for some reason!)

> Find the little black things for the Songnomics (every time)

> Charge the screw driver (I'm not sure we even need it for the Olympia but it's always best to have one)

> Find the 6th long S-Hook (I'm sure it's lost forever)

> Iron the samples (after rescueing some from my wardrobe)

> Get the float (hoping that the Evil Lady At The Bank isn't working as she has a Death Look when you ask for bagged change)

> Make more price labels (endless endless work)

> Iron something to wear (I always forget I need a long weekend of clothes as well as everything else)

> Put the step ladder in the way in the hall (because otherwise it will be forgotten and you can't set up in the Olympia without one)

> Panic a little about list one above

> Remind myself of list two above

And of course make another thousand lists! (they are everywhere in the house!)

Sorry to no pics lovelies, no one wants to see anything here at the moment!

Hopefully see some of you very soon! (Stand E80!)


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