Now with (correctly) added sleeves!

Now with (correctly) added sleeves!

Published by Michelle on 7th Apr 2017

This isn't so much a blog post as it is a cautionary but jolly photo tale. Almost a year ago I finished my Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Diamond Lace jumper and I loved it. I knew the sleeves weren't quite right but I didn't have the heart to redo them. Fast forward a year and the jumper now needs to be a show sample for the Summer so time to fix the sleeves. Out it came from the box of Summer clothes and it was then I realised that the error in the sleeves wasn't just a little tightness caused by sewing in but rather I had sewn most of the sleeve into the shoulder decreases.  Patterns are always best with a schematic!!

Here are some photos to make you feel way better about your knitting blunders!

No questions about why I thought this was right ... I must have thought I was Popeye!

Like I said, no questions

Really, I have no idea what I was thinking!

Always keep your scraps

So glad for my little (massive) bag of yarn remains

I never finish this well

This was the neatest I have ever sewn up an underarm ... of course it was!

Undoing this hurt

And while it was easy to rip out this mattress stitch, I'm not sure I got it as even the second time (of course not!) 

And then there was this snipping incident

No repair would be complete without creating the need for an additional repair! (Bulb pins, millions of uses!) 

But now it's all ok

But it's all patched up now!  And if you are at Wonderwool, you'll be able to inspect the properly inserted sleeves ; )

Having done this, there is one thing I will change about the way I sew up and one thing that I do already that I would recommend!  

I will change how I sew in my knitting tails (versus seaming yarn tails).  I'm going to sew them into a different part of the jumper to where I sew in my seam yarn tails.  I snipped one of my knitting tail ends thinking it was my seaming yarn and I could have avoided it by not sewing them into the same inside piece of the sweater.  

I would recommend (larger items only!) always seaming with a fresh piece of yarn rather than a knitting tail.  This was recommended at a knit finishing course I took a few years ago and it is something I have found useful a few times.  Not only does it make it easier if you have to remake, but it also means you don't pull parts of the knitting out of shape accidentally while sewing up.  There is also the option to use a different colour thread as with mattress stitch, the seaming yarn is not visible which I might (until I forget!) consider in future.  

Of course, I could always just read the pattern correctly in the first place but where would the fun be in that!

Apart from proving that my knitting licence needs to be revoked, my favourite thing about this is that it showed me that perfection in knitting can be overrated!  I wore this sweater for months without me or anyone else noticing and I spend a lot of time with a lot of knitters ; )

Knit what makes you happy!

And now, time for me to go and make a few more knitting mistakes!


If you fancy making an error free version of this jumper, the pattern is in the Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim DK book & we also have the Cotton Denim DK yarn in stock.  It is lovely to knit with, is cool in Summer and takes reknitting & repairs really well!

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