Now with added Rainbow

Now with added Rainbow

Published by Michelle on 25th Jul 2017

This is a mini post to share the tiny pattern changes to make a rainbow version of Down to the Sea. I knew I had to knit a rainbow version when Lesley made one during the test knit of the pattern.  She also recommended a method of getting the most from your colourwheel and those details are below.

The full pattern is available to download for free.  You do have to register and check it out as it's the only way the website will let me share PDFs.  I hope that's ok. 

The following are the changes to that pattern to get the Rainbow version of Down To The Sea.

Shoulder view of Rainbow Down to the Sea

Ours has a special edge of Britsilk as we were testing but it's just as gorgeous without x

Needle Change

Updated from: 3.25mm to 3.5mm.  This was a happy accident.  I couldn't find my 3.25 when I was starting the sample so started in the 3.5mm.  It has made the shawl knit up softer which is useful as moss stitch is not as soft as garter stitch when knitting up.

Wing Span

The shawl is both longer and deeper than the original but has not been blocked.  This post will be updated once that's done.

Wingspan display

Possibly not the most practical way to wear it!

Final stitch count

Section updated from 'Continue in pattern ... until there are 170 stitches' to 'until there are 179 stitches'.  This is for Britsock Colour wheels.  When using the BFL colourwheels, there is slightly less yardage, so check to ensure you have sufficient stitches to cast off before doing additional rows.

Colour Order & Change

The colour order is as you like.  I wanted to end on a Blue to keep a Down to the Sea look (albeit with a sky that looks like armageddeon!) so I started with purple but it would work in any way.

The best way to make the most of your yarn (thanks Lesley!) is to change on a knit stitch on a right side row and a purl stitch on a wrong side row, keeping all the tailes on the wrong side.  The ends are easy to hide in the moss stitch.  You can also use the Russian Join method which a lot of people have been talking about recently.  I really must try it.

Colour order

As long as you like how it looks, colour how you want! : )

And that's it! No magic, except the yarn which makes this really simple pattern look fab!

Happy Rainbows!


Sales bit ; )  We have some (but not a lot) of colourwheels in stock - Britsock and Bluefaced Leicester.  All colourwheel orders now come with a printed copy of Down to the Sea.  We will be having a restock just as soon as magical Britsilk is available (if Joy & Bobbie don't sell out completely when it's launched at Fibre East!).

Colourwheels in stock

Only a few left but there will be more!

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