EYF 2018 Prep

EYF 2018 Prep

Published by Michelle on 12th Mar 2018

Instagram and Facebook are very dangerous at the moment … there are growing piles of gorgeous yarns in almost every feed as dyers and shops prepare for EYF.  The Loveliest Yarn Company is not exhibiting.  I aspire to it but you have to earn your place at the show and we’re not quite there yet.  I am however going to be working on The Knitting Goddess stand and am almost in orbit with excitement.

Not exhibiting doesn’t mean that there aren’t very serious preparations to be done though!  The train tickets and AirBNB are the easy bits … the other things are much more serious! 

The Big Knit Night V. The Ceilidh

This decision was made very early on because once the tickets went up you had minutes to book or miss out! : ) I went for the Big Knit Night because while I love a Ceilidh (every child of my generation in Ireland has medals for Irish dancing!) I prefer to go with a partner so at least you have one person you know you can dance with.  The part of me that loves a Siege of Ennis knows I should have tried for tickets but I don’t think you can knit and dance so … 

Purchasing Pre Plan

May I tell you a little secret?  I’m a bit Over Wooled at the moment … like Over Gold in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka … not the best film (thanks Simon) but the best analogy I think! For the shop, shawl and other samples, absolutely but for me, no more shawls, single skeins of sock yarn (that’s a lie) or random single balls of things I just happen to like (at least without a project as an excuse) … I have so much amazing yarn already calling to me, that having anymore might actually be stressful ; )

So ‘permitted purchases’ are Jumper Quantities of Beautiful Yarns, exciting new pattern books, nice kit bags, needles and notions …Also EYF exclusive kits– The secret project of Sue Stratford, 2 Morag kits from Toft & Kettle Yarn Co Saltire are at the top of my list but I keep seeing other hints of other EYF only yarns so it’ll be like Pokemon Go on the first morning!

I thought I had narrowed it down to John Arbon and Kettle Yarn Co but then I started going through the exhibitors list again and well, so many jumper quantities so little time… Opus from A Yarn Story, De Rerum Natura (Not sure I have that spelt right!) from YAK … and that’s not to say anything of vendors I haven’t seen before!   I think my mission will be to get yarn for another Carbeth cardigan and then everything else will have to be left to chance ; )

Oh and yarns I want to see that I might add to the shop ; ) … they are a different budget as they are a business expense … genuinely, it’s a thing! ; )

Also because I’m on the train I have located the nearest Post office (a minute from the show) and am packing some shipping bags in case things need to be sent home.  Yes, I know, it’s a bad sign but it’s best to know yourself ; )

Wardrobe planning 

Having been last year EYF is a cat walk of Hot Right Now on Ravelry! : ) I am going for traditional rather than ornate (I don’t really have ornate shawls, I never seem to finish them : )) … Mossery Cardigan, Titus Carpino, my Touch Me shawl, my ‘will definitely be finished’ Carbeth and if there is a split in the space time continuum that gets me an additional week of time between now and Wednesday my Sharman cardigan … although I feel the latter will be one of the projects I bring rather than a garment I wear!

 Sharman in Progress

Anyone have a spare week of time I can borrow?

What knitting am I bringing 

The most important question of all!  So far I have wound 5 skeins for socks and one for a shawl.  I also have Hill View Farm cakes for the Sheep Shuffle Mitts.   Surely 5 pairs of socks, a shawl and mittens will keep me going on the train and then after that there will be so much more yarn?  And given I am only there from Wednesday to Sunday with two train journeys, I’d need to finish 5 pairs of socks, a shawl (150g skein) and a pair of mittens in 5 days to run out and I’m pretty sure that’s way above my knitting speed! And yet I have this nagging feeling that I need more… When I’m packing I might see how many ‘potential pairs of socks’ I have to pack before I feel like I have enough!

Surely not enough yarn

Surely not enough yarn!

Right, the Sharman won’t beat me (it so will) so I’m off!

If you are going to EYF, please say hello (the new Knitting Goddess yarns are ridiculously gorgeous so you better be quick too or I’ll have all her no nylon sock bought before the show opens ; ))!  Also, my plan for the Knit Night is to just gate crash a table of other knitters but if you are going to it, I’d love company : )

Happy knitting (& prepping) 


For those not attending the show, shipping is as normal while I am away.  Simon will be wrestling yarns into packages.  To give him more to wrestle, you can find our yarns here:


(and as I reread this to see how many errors are in it, the post woman has arrived bringing Countess Ablaze ‘Shit Tea & Tray bake’ & ‘If I want Exposure, I’ll get my tits out’ so that’s two more pairs of socks to add to the list of yarns I’m taking with me! : )) 

Shit Tea and Tray Bake

Thank goodness, reenforcements!

What do you say?

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