I felt(ed) that!

I felt(ed) that!

Published by Michelle on 19th May 2017

I was going to say that I have been much more strict recently about buying things for non-knitting related handcrafts but that would just be a lie.  I’m not even sure I can say that I have been trying to be strict given that it took all of no time at all for me to buy a felting kit at The Handmade Fair last weekend.

A kit of tiny birds

If you are tempted, do pop by www.feltcreative.co.uk! Carol is lovely

I didn’t even try to resist really.  And now I’m in love, completely and utterly in love.  Who knew that taking small soft pieces of wool and poking them with sharp needles until they turned into something jolly could be so much fun and so ridiculously enjoyable.  I'm not an artistic person, I certainly can't draw and even my patterns can only be written after I see what the knitting becomes but with felting, the wool seems to just take shape in your hands! Bliss!

I probably need some practise as so far I have a misshapen bird, a misshapen cat (which looks more like a dog) and a very creepy looking blue pig but as far as I'm concerned, they are just great!  There is obviously technique and skill involved but it's very straigthforward to make a definite start with felting ... unlike crochet where it's many years later and I still only have balls of yarn to show for it ; )

A box of misshapen creatures

A whole new set of misshapen friends await you!

I could write more but all there really is to say is ‘Go out, buy a felting kit and have a go’… No need to invest in a huge box of expensive things… just a little kit of lovely soft wool and some super pointy needles!

I’m cheating a little by being so brief, but really there is a piece of purple wool that needs to be poked so I'm off! 

I am way too proud of this

This wee bird gives me an inexplicable feeling of joy!

Happy knitting (& felting!)


It would be remiss of me not to say that you really do need a sponge.  A proper sponge.  

All you need 

Yes... these were the only sponges I could find in the house ... best to find others!

Oh and they will most likely get eyes eventually but not until I've had some more practise ... Boobeyes still haunts me!

And one more Oh! We have a new Pinterest Board ‘Felting, we can’t even’ if you feel like a little Felt Inspiration.

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