Hats and Hats of Dye Candy Cloud

Hats and Hats of Dye Candy Cloud

Published by Michelle on 1st Aug 2019

I love mohair so the recent popularity of Mohair has made my heart sing!  However I know it’s quite Marmite* (or quite Mohair really which is in the same category as Marmite) and not for everyone.  Enter the Cloud base (brushed Baby Suri & Silk) from Dye Candy.  With a beautiful halo it makes a lovely substitute for mohair in those patterns that call for mohair or for mohair held double with other yarns.

In comparison with Kid Silk Mohair (72% kid mohair, 28% silk) that I dye for Banshee Yarns, and the Baby Suri Silk it’s tricky to pinpoint exactly why they are different but they are.  They are both super soft but the Cloud feels softer, possibly because the halo appears to be shorter than the Mohair.  The Cloud feels more dense which is borne out by the meterage per gram.  The Cloud is 300 metres per 50g compared to the 420 metres per 50g of the Mohair. 

Two hats knit in soft Suri alpaca yarn

Super cuddly hats

The drape is beautiful on both but in the Cloud, because it is more dense, it has a heavier drape when knit on the same needle size as the Mohair which ‘floats’ a little more.

Both make a beautiful fabric on their own but I would be more inclined to use Cloud for garments, accessories and shawls but the Mohair more for shawls when used on its own.  I knit a Sockhead hat in Cloud, Tabby (modifications to the pattern below) and I love it.  

Held double with Silky Singles on 4mm needles the Cloud creates a more dense fabric than when the Mohair is held double with Silky Singles but only just.  I haven’t tried Cloud with another 4 ply on a bigger needle but that is only a matter of time.

Overall, it’s a great base that only warrants a comparison with Mohair because we are knitting all the cuddly things at the moment!  If you are substituting Cloud in place of Mohair, either on its own or held double, I would definitely recommend swatching due to the density and also remember to check number of skeins V. required meterage. 

Sock Head Hat

Pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sockhead-slouch-hat

I have knit quite a few Sockhead hats (who hasn’t!) and I thought it would be perfect in Dye Candy Cloud in Tabby.  I made the following adjustments to the pattern:

  1. 1. I used 2.75mm rather than 3mm needles as I couldn’t find my 3mm needles in the correct length!  I added 16 extra stitches to compensate because I have a 23.5 inch head!  Tension wise it was approximately 30 stitches to 4 inches although it’s tricky to count in the finished fabric due to fluffiness
  2. 2. I knit only 1.5 inches of rib as I didn't want a folded edge
  3. 3. I knit only 7.5 inches from the cast on edge as I didn’t want a slouchy version
  4. 4. I modified the crown shaping to a) decrease round b) knit round then repeat rather than having as many knit rounds between decreases.  Again to remove the slouch. 

I now have the most glorious soft hat!

Sock head hat

My giant head! ; )

Knit Hatty DK

Pattern: http://www.theloveliestyarncompany.co.uk/blog/Knit-hatty-dk-free-pattern/

I was curious about whether I would have enough yarn left over to make a second hat from my skein of Cloud and I just about did!   I made my Knit Hatty DK in Cloud held double with Banshee Yarns Silky Singles in Dorcha – to get a Tortie cat look! 

I cast on the 120 stitch version of the pattern, knit 10 rounds of Rib and 6.5 inches (from the cast on edge) before starting the crown shaping.  I completely messed up the decreasing by working only a single knit round between each decrease round which made the crown very short but I’m not sure I would have gotten a second hat out of the skein if I hadn’t.  If you make your sockhead slightly shorter you’ll get more in your DK version.

The Silky Singles and Cloud held together make a gorgeous soft, warm fabric which will definitely keep the wind out.

Not bad going for 50g of yarn! : )

Knit Hatty in DK

Sorry for the pics, Simon was at work when I needed a hat model ; )

You’ll find all our gorgeous Cloud colourways here!

There are lots of other great patterns that might work with Cloud including a Tin Can Knits Love Notes sweater, the Birds of a Sweater Shawl and the Melted Shrug … all available on Ravelry!  Please swatch ; )

Now my lovelies, I must get on and off Sleeve Island on my Love Notes as soon as possible so I can wear it while casting on something else!

Happy (Cloud) knitting! 


*For readers who are not familiar with Marmite, it is a wicked evil concoction that a cruel and evil person devised to tempt people with it’s almost toffee/treacle appearance who on eating it find it’s the devil’s own foodstuff … There is a useful description of why ‘it’s Marmite’ is an expression https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/oct/13/what-is-marmite-british-food-spread-tesco

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