What if I run out of yarn!?

What if I run out of yarn!?

Published by Michelle on 18th Jun 2018

How much yarn should I pack?  The most important question of any ‘time away from stash’ (aka holiday!)!  This is particularly key when going to a destination where you have searched hard for any form of local yarn supply and you can’t find anything!  The souks of Marrakesh have many things but knitting yarn doesn’t appear to be one of them!

As we were going for a week with quite a bit of travel time, I knew I was going to have to go big or stay home!  I went with my new rule of thumb for estimating required yarn quantities, developed using absolutely no scientific method at all, and that is to bring a ball/skein/project for every day you are away and at least one fall back WIP, the fall back WIP being one that, even if you should run out of everything else, will not let you down as it’s too complex to finish even if it was your only project!

 I took:

1.The second sock of a pair being knit in Crazy Zauberball

2.100g sock yarn from Mothy & the Squid

3.Two 50g balls of gradient sock yarn from PookGB

4.100g sock yarn from For the Love of Yarn

5.Two 50g balls of Same Difference from The Knitting Goddess

6.100g ball of Toft yarn for the Jaguar (the plan was not to use this unless my needles were taken off me at security, Gatwick’s website says knitting needles are fine but you can never be too careful … what if I had nothing on the plane!!)

7.Three kits to make Sue Stratford’s Edinbirds

8.Backup WIP: Knee High Sock project in Blue Moon Fibre Arts Socks That Rock 

9.Backup Backup WIP, the Funchal Mobieus sample that I am working on …

I’m not an excessive packer of anything else but still thank goodness for holidays to hot places with a good baggage allowance … 

Projects that saw no action

Emergency crochet project, backup WIP & backup backup WIP ...  all key for any holiday!

How much knitting did I really do?

I absolutely did not spend my holiday in beautiful, exotic Morocco knitting but what I love about knitting socks, particularly on Sock Wonders and in just plain stocking stitch, is that you can pick them up and put them down all the time!  Also I broke into a set of Stitch Stoppers and I have to say I am very taken by them … they are a little on the luxury price side for 12 pairs but they meant a lot of not dropped stitches.

Way too beautiful to knit 

No projects came out exploring ... way too much to see

I got my car sock to the toe by the time we got onto the plane so was able to cast on my new sock for take-off.

My plane sock (in Mothy & the Squid) was hampered by a tapas platter ... I really only wanted the ham and cheese sandwich but they were out so I panic ordered … 

The first few days there was very little knitting … just during the Midday Chill … I love my heat but from 1pm to 4pm in the Marrakesh sun it was time for shade, Rose & knitting!

It was day 4 before I cast on my Pook GB socks as we were on a day trip to Essaouira  but the landscape was just too different from our own that I spent the whole trip just watching it go by.  However as socks go they knit themselves – cast on both at the same time and because the gradient is so subtle you just race through them!

The only ones I finished

Only two pairs finished ... and those on the left knit themselves ; )

I knit most while we were at the pool, with me under an umbrella of course! I’m gingery so I’m always smothered in factor 50 and umbrellas.  I leave the sun to Simon!  And as it was too hot to even mind other people’s business, I didn’t get many odd looks for knitting!

The final tally was two pairs of finished socks, 1.5 socks of another pair, 1.5 birds and a few other cast ons .. so not a lot really!  I was certainly never in danger of running out!

Close but no cigar 

Almost there ... love how this colourway knit up!

I tried hard to find yarn in Marrakesh and while we visited the Dyers Souk where there is beautifully coloured yarn on display, it is for mats.  I did find that there were a number of people making knitted hats from local yarn in Essaouira and I couldn’t resist one … I didn't haggle because the asked for price was way less than it was worth.  As part of the buying process I did end up with a wooden hippo as well as the hat but that’s a story for a different blog post!

 Dyers Souk in Marrakesh

Dyers Souk in Marrakesh

The hat that didn't get away

The hat that didn't get away, hippo picture on request

I’m pleased with my new rule of thumb – a ‘One a Day’ policy – as you have plenty of yarn which is very reassuring but also many cast on options if you get bored with one!  Of course there are now many more WIPs in the house than before I left but whose counting!

Now I better get over my post holiday glow and get some work done! : )

Happy knitting,


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