Enchanted knit-a-long time

Enchanted knit-a-long time

Published by Michelle on 21st Mar 2017

I love knit-a-longs (KALs) and there are some great ones going on at the moment but I always seem to have a pile of WIPs and other knits to do so I’m not always ready to start and definitely not finish when some are taking place. Then the Enchanted Cottage Blanket KAL came along in Issue 71 of Knit Now and well, there were way more reasons to do it than to not do it. 

It’s for a year but not every day. The list of things that I have done on a consistent, every day basis for a year includes such highlights as breathing and eating ... I’m not even sure that I can say that ‘brushing my hair’ is on that list. I stare longingly at Jem Weston’s mood knit-a-long that she is running for 2017. It’s just gorgeous but to do it I would need to do something daily and well, it’s important to know your limits!  This is perfect - one (or two) squares once a month with each issue.  Very much a pace I can commit to.

It’s a blanket. Everyone knows you can never have enough knitted blankets, ever.  Nothing else to add to that point. Then of course it’s in West Yorkshire Spinners yarn. My love affair with WYS yarn is hardly a secret. I love WYS yarn so much that I’d almost do this KAL even if it was a CAL (Crochet-a-long) and I think that says it all.  All those things meant it was the one for me.

Fast forward a few weeks and almost time for clue 2 and only now have I knitted my first square. I don’t have any excuse except that it took me forever to decide which WYS yarn to do it in.  I knew I was going to make the Hyacinth Cottage pattern, which is knit in Illustrious DK but while Illustrious is a beautiful yarn there are just so many other DK options in WYS!

Illustrious DK Colour ComboI nearly changed my mind when I took this picture ... the Sea Glass & Orchid are two of my fav yarn colours ever

The Bo Beep also kept calling to me but part of me wants to concoct a blanket pattern combining all of the Bo Peep colours so after some debate I put it aside.  The colours below are those I'd have used if I hadn't had any other plans for Bo Peep.

Bo Peep DK Colour Combo Hopscotch, middle row, left has won a lot of hearts!

I also debated different Illustrious combinations and a combination of the the Blue-faced Leicester pastels but when it came right down to it, it could only be one yarn … the Wensleydale Gems.  Since I finished my Lush cardigan in it I’ve been looking for something (anything!) else to knit with it.  The colours and the texture of this very special yarn are just crying out to be turned into a blanket! 

Gems Colour ComboAmethyst, Topaz, Jadeite, Citrine, Granite & Moonstone

The following is our substitution of Illustrious DK for Wensleydale Gems (to knit the Hyacinth Cottage version): Amethyst for Dusky Lilac, Topaz for Orchid, Jadeite for Oatmeal, Citrine for Antique Gold, Granite for Highland & Moonstone for Sea Glass

In those colours though it seems a bit brazen to be called Hyacinth Cottage so the TLYC version will be Rogue Cottage!  We'll be using #tlycroguecottage along with the Knit Now #enchantedcottagekal on Instagram and Facebook.  

Here’s the first square … in Granite!

Galaxy Spiral Square Close upThe Galazy Spiral Square is such a clever pattern
Galaxy Spiral Square Arty ShotA little arty shot ; )

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. The pattern is really clever and I love the way it swirls. The yarn is also a great match for it, particularly once it's had a gentle soak and very light block. The Gems colours retain their gleam and bloom beautifully once dry. I'll be counting down until the next square, that is for sure.

Right, I need to get a show sample of some sort finished (and started!) before I can cast on the next clue and I have a feeling subscription copies of Knit Now are due really soon!

Happy knitting,


I have added Enchanged Cottage Illustrious DK yarn packs to the website in case anyone else would like to make the Hyacinth Cottage version but in the pattern colours.  The pack includes the six colours and a little discount as it's quite a commitment.   If you would like any other combinations, please drop me an email as I can combine them in whatever way you would like. We would love you to join our Cottage so if you decide you’d like to join, we can make up the same combination as we are doing or any other of the Gems colours that we stock. 

You can see all of the details of the KAL & details of how to subscribe to Knit Now over on the Knit Now page.  Their current subscription offer (up to March 30th) includes all of the West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK to make the Acorn Cottage version of the pattern.

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