Knit Bit: Knitted Edges for Seaming

Knit Bit: Knitted Edges for Seaming

Published by Michelle on 20th Jan 2017

How do you knit yours? Your edges that is!  While there is a trend towards garments being knit seamlessly, there are still a lot of patterns that require you to knit individual pieces and then seam them together.  I don’t know many knitters who love this bit so I wanted to share this really simple technique that changed my knitting life as it took the dread out of sewing up!  It is truly beyond simple!

Stocking stitch Pieces

All you do, for any edge which will be joined together with another edge, is knit the edge stitches of the row!  And you’re done!

Knit V. Stocking Stitch Edge

 Left: Knit Edges, Right: Standard Stocking Stitch Edge


It makes the two edges much more obvious and therefore easier to find the correct place to put the needle when mattress stitching the pieces together.

Mattress Stitch

The strand between the edge row and the main stocking stitch is easier to find when both sides have knitted edges

Garter Stitch

I alternate knit and purl stitches at the edges of each row to create a single row of stocking stitch which stands out in the same way as the knit edges do on Stocking Stitch.  I use this a lot less though as I don’t knit a lot of garter stitch jumpers.

All the time?

I use this for all seams and anywhere that I will be picking up and knitting including sleeve and neck edges.  It means that sometimes I have to move shaping in a stitch but I find it makes it much easier to insert sleeves and pick up necklines.

After a while, I found that I didn’t need the technique as much because I was more familiar with the make up of the stitches but if you hate seaming and it never looks quite right for you, this is worth a try. 

A little sales bit if you don’t mind ; )

When I learnt this technique, the instructor had a curved darning needle which seemed to magically mattress stitch things together.  Of course I had to have one.  I bought a Clover Set and I have never gone back to straight darning needles.  I made my Mom buy them as well because there needed to be a set in her house too!  I stock them because I think no one should be without them.  The Clover sets come in a little case that you could put a little string on so you never lose them! ; )  You can find them here, just in case!

Chibi Three Needle case

There are three needles in this set and also space for my 'cable tighteners' which always seem to disappear ; )

Now, I’m off for some seamless cardigan knitting but I will be knitting the edges where I will be picking up the button band. I will do an Instagram Live video of that pick up and knit if I'm feeling brave!

Happy Knitting (and seaming!),


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