Lang Touch Me Shawl

Lang Touch Me Shawl

Published by Michelle on 4th Apr 2018

I’m not sure it is ever possible to have too many garter stitch scarfs and shawls so this is just a little post to share the changes needed to our Touch Me Shawl pattern ( originally posted here) to knit one with Lang 6 ply. 

Lang 6 ply is one of my favs for socks as it knits more quickly than 4 ply and lasts really well but it is softly spun so it lovely and soft for shawls as well. 

Pattern Changes 

Original Touch Me

Yarn:                           Juniper Moon Farm Herriot

Needles:                      5.50mm 100cm circular needles (worked flat)

Repeats:                      Repeat Rows 1 to 6 44 more times for a total of 45 repeats

Stitch count at end:    185 stitches

Measurements:          198cm * 50cm

Original Touch Me Shawl

Original Touch Me Shawl in Juniper Moon Farm Herriot

Lang Touch Me

Yarn:                           Lang Jawoll Magic 6 Ply

Needles:                      4.00mm 100cm circular needles (worked flat)

Repeats:                      Repeat Rows 1 to 6 42 more times for a total of 43 repeats

Stitch count at end:    177 stitches 

Measurements:          140cm * 37cm

The original pattern was written to end after Row 6, however, if you check your yarn usage and don’t mind a little yarn chicken, you can cast off on any right side row as long as you have enough yarn.  Also, using two balls of Lang would make a really large cosy wrap.

Should you be tempted, Lang 6 ply is in our clearance section at £10.95.  Also everyone who orders this yarn before the sock pattern is published on Ravelry will receive a download code for a free copy of it once it’s available.  It should be available before the end of April. 

Lang Sock in 0009

'Sporty Sock' in 0009 (pattern coming soon)

Now I really need to write some non-garter stitch, non-sock patterns! ; )

Happy knitting,


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Lang in different shades

Lang in 0013 (yellow/blue) & 0051 (pinks)

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