What a week!

What a week!

Published by Michelle on 4th Jul 2016

Oh my goodness, what a week! I think I am in love with just about everyone who ordered during the launch. 

I was very worried that no one would come, let alone that anyone would buy.  I was worried that it would just be my Mammy and my husband’s Mammy – both of whom I am eternally grateful to - but only ‘strangers’ really tell you whether you have anything worth buying … But after just over a week, I want to hug all my ‘strangers’ and turn them into friends for taking the leap of faith and buying from a completely new online shop.

Garden Party & Jezabel

There have been a few little hitches – I had a unicorn decide he would like to stay with a different family than his original destination … he ‘decided’ this after he had been wrapped 4 times (I had thought about how to wrap wool and patterns but not unicorns!) and on the 4th wrapping he ‘may have been’ (was!) addressed incorrectly.  Thankfully the amazing recipient let me know and well, he stayed there and another gorgeous unicorn has been sent to the right house.  

Chablis the Travelling Unicorn Crochet toy from Toft

I was overjoyed to have a few yarns sell out in the Life in the Long Grass Sock which is hardly surprising as it is such a beautiful yarn.  Don’t worry, I have plenty of gorgeousness left and I have another dye slot booked with LITLG for August so that I can stock up again.  I’ve already had some requests for specific colours and bases which feels amazing!

It is now a little calmer so there will be time for sharing sample pictures, possibilities and techniques with everyone rather than countdowns!  It’s a bit of a relief really because at one point last week, I thought I might never find time to knit again – withdrawal wasn’t the word after it had been 3 days without more than a few rows.

Now, lovelies, I have a Drachenfels to bath and block so I can share its gorgeousness with you so best I go dry flat while the sun shines

Happy knitting,

Michelle x

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