Lush A Long, some ideas

Lush A Long, some ideas

Published by Michelle on 9th Aug 2017

The Lush-A-Long came to me as an idea when I was trying to get my latest Lush finished for the wedding I was going to at the end of July and I just thought 'Everyone should have a Lush'. I love the Tin Can Knits Lush Cardigan - it will take pretty much any DK yarn (I do recommend trying for gauge of course), is a really well written pattern, entirely seamless and very flattering to wear. I have three of my own now and a baby one as a sample of the WYS Bo Peep and I think I need at least two more! They are a great stash buster without requiring too much yarn - after the Lush-A-Long I'm going to try one with 4 ply held double so I can do some hardcore stash busting! 

All the details of how to join are on our Ravelry Group and you can also join our little Facebook group (which are all the rage at the moment so sorry if you are already a member of 100s like I am!).  

Although I think most people have more than enough yarn in their stashes for this, here are a few ideas from the Double Knits that we stock ... I still haven't decided although I think it will be an Aire Valley DK one (now Essentials DK on the website) as it's such a cost effective British yarn that wears well and I'd like to see it in this pattern.  I'm a bit torn though as I just love the Fleece DK.

Aire Valley Options

WYS Essentials DK. The yarn I'll probably go for ... although not in Denim as two of my three Lushes are Blue!

Fleece DK Options

WYS BFL Fleece DK, yoke in ecru. The first two tone Lush I saw was worn by Allison of Yarn In the City & I've been addicted since!  I *need* one like this

Dovestone DK

Dovestone DK. Because the cardigan isn't yarn hungry, it's a good one to use a treat yarn on.  When I was picking the colour Dovestone to share I choose Endeavour and then Lotheran ... both Blue! So this is Rose Window!

Illustrious DK Colour Combo

Illustrious DK Highland & Gold, Gold for the yoke. Back to my obsession with two tone versions!  Illustrious is also in our Clearance Section at the moment ; ) 

Juniper Moon Farm

Juniper Moon Farm Herriot. I'm including this so there is an alpaca option but I would definitely recommend swatching with this as the band specifies this as both a DK and Worsted yarn.  Eventually I'll treat myself to one of these.  (Say nothing about the colour!)

Wensleydale Gems Citrine

WYS Wensleydale Gems.  I made one in Cobalt which I adore but another one to swatch as this is quite a light DK.  Also, one for Stretchy Bind off as the Wensleydale does not stretch one bit in a regular one


Life In the Long Grass DK. I wanted to include these just in case anyone fancies making smallies ones in one or two skeins of this.  I have three skeins in Neon & Grey & Silver Skies but very little.  This would be super luxury!

So, just a few ideas! All our DKs can be seen here on the site but really, stash dive first!  I'd be thrilled if you joined the Lush Lush Along! : )

Happy Knitting (& lushing)


Lush Yarn Requirements

Oh - just in case - these are the yarn requirements for the Lush : )

You'll notice that most of the suggestions are West Yorkshire Spinners but I'm sure that's not a surprise. They make such a great range of yarns that are high quality, cost effective and have great provinance.  As I know so many of my own jumpers and cardigans they are my favourite everyday yarns.  

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