Mini-Series: My first sweater pattern design, part 5

Mini-Series: My first sweater pattern design, part 5

Published by Michelle on 16th Mar 2020

I don’t want to post without talking about covid-19.  We live in a time for which there aren’t really any adequate words.  I find myself listening to rolling 24 hour news which is not good for anyone but I can’t pry myself away from it.  I am in a fortunate position, running my business from home, so I know I have no entitlement to feelings of doom or dread but it creeps in.  I want to find the right balance between continuing as normal while minimising any risk I present to anyone else and being as useful as possible. 

I hope no one minds me writing this post, it’s long overdue and I hope it’s helpful, even if most likely irrelevant in the times we find ourselves in.

I’m sure you must think you’d have knit and worn the sweater out in the time it has taken me to write this series and you aren’t wrong!

Simply the Simplest Sweater

Simply the Simplest Sweater!? ;)

At the end of the last post about this sweater, I was hoping to have a sweater pattern finished and gone for tech edit and a walkthrough of the grading ready to share.  I’m glad to say that I have all of those things!  The pattern went for tech edit last week and will be back with me once Deb has had a chance to look at it.  The good news is she didn’t send it straight back to me with a note that said ‘No chance’.  I’ll take you through the outcome of the first edit, so you can get a birds eye view on what happens when you don’t know your colon from your semi colon ; ) 

The grading walkthrough took a few recordings … After recording the first one, I discovered my microphone had decided it had had enough of me, during the second recording I played a little Find my iPhone with my Dad (we found it, I have never been so happy about anything, he really deserved to have it back) & there was no way to edit it together so it was third time lucky! (Well, probably 5th or 6th time lucky, there were other curtailed versions) … And it’s here, to watch! 

Pop over to YouTube to caption

You can see it directly on YouTube as well and turn on closed captioning.  It includes:

  1. How I created my sizing spreadsheet
  2. A walkthrough of the grading
  3. How I calculated the yarn requirements

You could, if you wanted, knit the sweater from this walkthrough but possibly better to apply for the test knit which will be starting in the next week or so.

And that’s it for this post, if you get through the grading video, you deserve a break!

The next and final post will cover how I go from here to the final release of the pattern so it could be between 4 to 6 weeks away – depending on how the test knit goes.  It’ll include any advertising I do, how I let people know, how I try to encourage people to buy it in the first days after release etc.  I am not expert in this and I’ll just bimble it out to people in some way but who knows, maybe people will buy it! 

I’ll share the sales numbers as well on it and any customisations I do to the pattern to increase it’s value over time as well. 

Now my dears, I am going to bug Deb so I can convert this into a 4 ply version asap!  I may make a video of how I do that if people don’t complain too much about this video! ; ) 


For anyone who fancies trying the yarn this is knit in, I do have it in stock on the Banshee Yarns website, all undyed at the moment.

Oh and I think it has a name … Simply the Simplest Sweater … joining Socks & Shawls of the same name!

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