My Stash Smash Journey

My Stash Smash Journey

Published by Michelle on 25th Sep 2019

I set out at the start of September to run the Stash Smash Challenge in the TLYC Facebook Group to see if I could help folk get more made from their stashes.  I like challenges quite a lot or at least signing up for challenges.  I don’t always make it to the end of them, particularly some of the business ones … many of which end up in me getting many more emails that I don’t always do things with!  It’s why I liked running the challenge in the FB group too – no additional inbox noise for folk* - and everything in a single place. 

I thought I’d share all the posts here in a single post for anyone who feels like Stash Smashing at their own pace!

Stash Smash Day 1 Challenge 1

You have 4 weeks … It’s time to put your needles/hook where your mouth is! This is you V. your stash! What are you committing to finishing!? 

Most of my WIPs

Most of my WIPs at the start of Stash Smash

After this pic was taken I found a pair of socks & a sockhead hat and Sarah of Yarn and Blarney pointed out that my massive crochet blanket was also missing.  How I forgot that, I don’t know!  I have been tripping over it in the office for months. 

Four knitting projects

The ones I really wanted to finish: Love Note, Slow Exposure, Funchal Mobieus & the Ziggy Shawl 

Stash Smash Challenge 2 

You have whipped out your whips and now it’s time to bring out your singles! How many do you have? 

To go with this I did a little Single Skein ideas blog post.  You can also see all the ideas from everyone in the FB group : ) 

I didn’t admit to the number of single skeins I have … I have approx. 20 skeins that are destined to become either socks or sockkens! 

Many skeins of sock yarn

Sock yarns, all ready to become Socks, Sockkens (or even Sockhead hats!)

Stash Smash Challenge 3!

You have confessed your WIPs and singles, now it is time to Sort That Stash!

Time to think about how you store your stash and how easy it is going to be for you to knit/crochet from it!

This challenge is in 6 parts over the next few hours! Starting now, there will be a mini challenge every hour on the hour! 

I am not sure what possessed me … well I do … The original plan was to release this challenge as a blog post but I got a notion on the Saturday night at Perth that I’d post a series of mini challenges throughout the day.  I was definitely high on yarn fumes!

Stash Smash Challenge 4!

After the marathon of Challenge 3, today is a quickie! 

We talked about One Skein Wonders but what about the Seven Skein Wonders?

You can see those suggested in the Facebook group. This challenge caused me to cast on a DK Colourblock blanket and make sure I had everything I needed for my giant granny square blanket.  It is also the inspiration for the October Challenge – Massive Makes Mondays!  The Westknits MKAL and a Find my Fade are going to take chunks out of my stash!

 A partially knit blanket

This Colourblock bias blanket (Purl Soho) is currently eating 500g of stash!

Found my fade

My Fade to Be!

Stash Smash Challenge 5!

There is a Zombie Apocalypse, you have to leave for the safe zone, do you have knitting ready to go? Where is your Knitting Go Bag? What’s in it? 

If you don’t have a Knitting Go Bag, today is the day to get one ready. If you have one already, are you sure there is enough in it?

I don’t know if I've shared this before but I am obsessed with zombie and other end of the world movies, tv series and books.  I think I like the idea of a full societal reset.  Of course I realise that I’d definitely be in the first round of people infected, I couldn’t outrun a milk float, but a girl can prep!

 Yarn and needles ready to knit

Maybe if I knit quickly, I'll finish these before I'm bitten

Stash Smash Challenge 6!

We are almost there! WIPs, Singles, Massive Makes, sorted! Now it’s time to share your favourite apps, tools and other crafts for making the most of your stash!

I have posted some of my favourites over on the blog:

 This does what it says on the tin!  You can check all of these out on the blog.

Stash Smash Challenge 7 Love it or List it!

It’s hard to part with dearly loved yarns but what about those that have lost their sparkle for you? Or those that will never find a place on your needles and hooks? Is it time to gift, donate or sell them? 

So today’s challenge is to look at the less loved yarns and ask if it’s time for them to go to new homes – either as yarns or as finished items!

I have to admit part of me is disgusted at myself that I have so much yarn and a little selfish voice inside that says ‘You can’t make knits for charity in those yarns, they are too nice’.  Selfish is probably a bit too kind even.  So I now have a dedicated cubby in my stash of yarns that need to become lovely knits for charity.

Yarns to knit into charity donations

I admit my yarn gluttony and commit to doing something useful with it

Stash Smash Challenge 8 Get ready to keep going!

I hope you don't mind, but we're not done! Now that you have whipped your WIPs, tidied that stash and gotten organised, it’s time to keep going!

You'll find 'October 2019 Planner' in the Group File section! Download it, fill it in and be ready to make all month!

I selfishly didn't want Stash Smash to end so I thought I'd put together a little planner and post a new one every month to keep me and hopefully others going!

My October Plan

My October 2019 plan so far, all ready to be derailed!

Overall I got a lot made!  It really helped me from casting on other things : )!  Most of the WIPs in the first pic are either finished or progressed and while I only managed 3 of 4 of the ones I really wanted to finish, the Funchal Mobius has been well revived!

Now I have an unplanned DK hat sample to make for Yarndale (thanks 2am brain) and I think I am about to run out of characters in this post!  You are most welcome to join the Facebook Group if you haven't and, if you fancy it, join in Massive Makes Mondays!

Happy knitting, crocheting and Stash Smashing!


* I have a HUGE email based challenge coming in the new year to launch something very special but that is just some very untidy notes at the moment!

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