My Top 20 for 2020

My Top 20 for 2020

Published by Michelle on 30th Dec 2019

As a yarn shop owner it’s tricky to suggest that knitters knit from stash first before buying yarn but as someone who spends a lot of time in the company of knitters and crocheters, it’s impossible to deny that a lot of people are suffering from stash overwhelm!  For some people it’s great because collecting yarn is a different hobby to doing anything with it but for others, it’s a bit of a stress.  I felt this a lot in September and stopped buying yarn (except for the shop, which is probably a bit of a cheat!).  My focus for 2020, from a personal knitting (and crochet!) perspective is on knitting from stash and from a TLYC perspective, helping other people do it too!

It absolutely doesn’t mean I won’t be buying yarn – Dragon Hill Studios are launching a self-striping sock yarn club in 2020 and I have to have it – but I will be doing my best to knit from my stash first!

I’ve now been through my stash & the design plans for TLYC/Banshee Yarns and have identified what I would love to get made this year!

From Stash

  • 1. Tin Can Knits Flax in Cartref DK.  I wanted to wait until 2020 to cast this on but succumbed to it at the end of December.
  • 2. All of my Toft creatures – I have a tiger, an otter and a Pegasus that really need making
  • 3. As well as Tofties, I have many gorgeous Sue Stratford kits (birds, bears and even a monster) that are going to see in 2021 with me out of their boxes
  • 4. A Zweig sweater in Madeline Tosh.  I have been promising myself one of these for ever and I’ve had the yarn for this since 2018
  • 5. Another Love Note in Uchitita.  Of course I need a third one
  • 6. 12 pairs of socks.  This is for the TLYC 12 Pairs in 12 Months challenge!  It’s not to late to join ; )  I promised myself I wouldn’t start these until January 1st and it took everything I had not to ... I'm elbow deep in these now
  • 7. Jazz shawl by Belinda Harris Reid, in her gorgeous yarns.  I can’t wait to make this, I’m not sure why I haven’t already
  • 8. Northeasterly blanket for all my scraps.  I’m not the best at scrappy projects but I’m going to give this a go!
  • 9. The Oa by Kate Davies.  I’ve had the yarn for this since EYF 2017 … I am just going to make it in the size I bought it for and if it doesn’t fit, well, it’ll be a work of art 

My cast on Flax Sweater in Cartref yarn

My Flax sweater in Cartref, Forest!

These are the 9 projects that are either started or in projects ready to be cast on! There is a lot more yarn in my stash that needs to be used but we’ll see what the year brings.

The next projects are those that I must make or want to make – either designs or show samples.  I’m including them here to keep myself honest!

TLYC & Banshee Yarns Samples

  • 10. Beloved by Tin Can Knits in the new Banshee Yarns DK yarn.  I really want to make this bonnet and I think I have finally found the right yarn for it
  • 11. Zweig, Banshee Yarns Yak.  I think the Yak would be beautiful in this sweater so I’m just going to have to go for it
  • 12. A DK/Sweater dress in Banshee Yarns new DK (for the design blog series).
  • 13. Touch me in Banshee Yarns Alpaca DK.  This is the final shawl of Simply the Simplest Shawls, a new free ebook, launching in (fingers crossed) February 2020
  • 14. Siki Shawl in Banshee Yarns Yak.  I’ve had my eye on this shawl for quite a while
  • 15. Panda in CamaRose. How could I not!?  I bought this pattern when it was launched because I’m a sucker for a knit toy and it was when I was stocking taking that I realised that CamaRose Yaku has the perfect colours for him/her!
  • 16. Muse Wrap in CamaRose Yaku … apart from the Toft toys, the only crochet item to make the list 

Touch Me Shawl original

The Touch Me Shawl in Nightmare ... to be reknit in undyed Alpaca for Simply the Simplest Shawls

Design Samples 

This is a funny one because I always have a list of things I’d like to do but don’t always get to! 

  • 17. Yak/Mohair version of the Maverick Shawl (design coming in Simple the Simplest Shawls)
  • 18. An unknown number of socks in a mix of Banshee Yarns … I would love to release a 6 pattern sock book this year but we will have to see how that goes!  I *think* I have one about ready!
  • 19. Six 25g fade version of the Snuggle Shawl (design in Simply the Simplest Shawls)
  • 20. Six colour cowl in CamaRose Yaku / Socks Yeah 4ply … this just popped into my head … mostly because I want to use these yarns

Yak and Mohair for the Maverick Shawl

Mohair in everything might be my 2019 motto that runs into 2020

Then there is a SS2020 Collection … which is just a twinkle in my eye … it might have to be AW2020 at this stage or 2030 ; ).

Also Marna (of An Caitin Beag awesomeness) has a new book coming in March (date to be confirmed), and there will no doubt be countless amazing designs and books out in 2020 but at least if I start with a plan I will have something to add to.

Of course, there are one or two WIPs that also need finishing but I'm not counting them ... my Loop blanket in CamaRose DK, a pair of Socks for Simon in a Zauberball, a pair of 2/3 ply socks, the second 'Team Brooke lynn' sock (how did I forget this!) ... and then there is my Funcal Moebius which will either be ripped or finished at 1/3 the length... 

CamaRose Loop Blanket Sample

Slow and steady!  I will be reordering all the CamaRose colours for this in early 2020!  Get in touch if you fancy a kit

Now, these socks won't knit themselves!

Happy 2020 knitting (& crocheting ;))


Should you like to plan, you can get a copy of the TLYC 90 Day Knitting Planner in the TLYC Facebook group (it’s free!).  

And if you fancy the 12 pairs in 12 months challenge, you can see the details here on the blog and join in in the TLYC Facebook group.

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