New Year, New Knits

New Year, New Knits

Published by Michelle on 2nd Jan 2018

I am not a New Year's Eve person. Not out of badness but because I was born an early-to-bed-early-to-rise-give-me-sleep kind of person so midnight is not my natural time of day. In 2015 I went to bed with instructions to wake me at 11:30pm to do the countdown. I like to think of myself as a warm and friendly person but needless to say that waking me after I had had only a third of my sleep meant instead of being given champagne, I should just have had, like an angry budgie in a cage, a blanket thrown over me*. I prefer to see the New Year about breakfast time when it has partied enough with everyone else and just wants to have a quiet coffee with me.

That said, I like a good resolution as much as the next person so I have spent the last couple of days typing up what has been going around in my head for both myself and the business. Needless to say it involves quite a lot of yarn and knitting and thankfully, for the first time ever, no fanatical weight loss and fitness. I debated keeping it to one resolution and while I succeeded briefly, it was just not going to work - I like a list too much!

My own knitting! 

I think all knitters will agree that there is just never enough time for knitting but that there are ways to fit in more knitting and get more finished.  There isn't anything revolutionary about the below so they are just a reminder that I need to make the best use of my knitting time!

1. Stash reduction, not yarn diet.  I love all the yarns in my stash, I've loved buying and collecting them, but I think this year they all deserve a chance to be made into something.  No yarn diet though because there is always new yarns that really do deserve a good home.  However, a simple rule, I can only buy one skein for every two I use.  A bit of cheat considering I have 14 balls for a single jumper so could have 7 skeins of hand-dyed if I used them but of course that does mean making the jumper!

The Stash

Only two 80 litre boxes ... a very restrained stash if I do say so myself : )

2. Iconic Knit - Lace or Hap!  I knit a lot of straightforward things, particularly for the shop, because the vast majority of knitters don't have time for advanced lace/colourwork etc and just want to knit something lovely in great wool but I think, for me, it's time for a bit of a stretch.  My Mom calls these kind of projects 'Kitchen Knits' - the ones she does alone, without TV, in the kitchen at home.  Time for one this year I think!

3. 12 pairs of socks all for myself ... selfish? Yep. But it's time. Sock knitters, you know how it is!  And if you aren't a sock knitter, there is still time ; )

4. Maximum of 3 WIPs at any time.  This is a nonsense as I have 6 at the moment but we'll see how it goes.  It does mean finishing 4 of the 6 before I can cast on anything else so I'm not sure this will last long.  In fact, I nearly broke it last night because I needed 'a simple, portable project' and all 6 are at the 'do something fancier than stocking stitch' stage at the moment but instead I just lugged the ten tonne blanket with me - simple if not quite portable.


One blanket, two shawls, one sweater (adult), one vest (child) and a pair of socks ... nothing excessive!

5. Brioche - who isn't doing this this year!

6. 2 hours of Crochet a week (when I reread this, it originally said '2 hours of Crochet a year' which would probably be accurate for last year!). I won't say 'Learn to Crochet' because I have had any number of crochet lessons over the years, it's just a case of the spirit is willing but the flesh just wants to knit. Hopefully making specific time for it means I'll knuckle (hook) down to it this year.

Sum total of crochet last year

The sum total of the crochet I did last year ... the less said about this, the better!

And the shop?

There is a giant notice board of plans and targets in the shop at the moment (Sharpies gone wild!) but I can't share them all, partly because they are quite dull (social media / sales / etc etc targets (oh the joys)), but also because it would spoil some of the surprise. However, these are my best picks:

1. New patterns.  I was really touched by how kind people were about the Touch Me shawl (no pun intended) so I'd like to write more.  It is, in part, quite selfish as they help sell yarn but also because it's so lovely to see finished articles of a pattern I wrote pop up on Ravelry!

2. Shows, shows and more shows. I don't think this needs any explanation. I love shows and am going to see how many we can make it to this year.  To help improve our stand at shows we exhibit at, we're going to a 'Packaging & Display Stand Trade Expo' in the NEC in early February ... The slightly less glamorous side of shows! 

3. Samples, samples and more samples. Talking to folk at shows, everyone likes to see a range of items fully finished so it's my mission to have as many as I can for every yarn I stock (really wish me luck for this!).

4. Create some knitters!  From Feb / March, I'm hoping to be teaching knitting classes in my local area.  Watch this space!

5. YouTube & Live Videos. I'm still a bit nervous of these but I think they can be really fun and useful for knitters so they are definitely something I want to learn how to do and get going on.

6. No new patterns to be for sale on the site without yarn requirement details. This is a boring housekeeping resolutions but a really necessary one.  I never like buying a pattern when I don't know how much yarn is required so I really need to make sure my own site is well behaved about this!  To show I'm serious about this, while writing this, three new West Knits patterns have been added to the site & have all have yarn meterage details included! Give me until the end of January to do all of the patterns and books and if they aren't all done, please scold me and then scold me some more!

To start as we mean to go on ...

Yarn Diet? We have a pattern for that ; )

I'm going to leave it there because otherwise 2017 will be over and these will have to be my 2018 resolutions! I would love to hear your Knitting Resolutions ... please share them on either our Ravelry Group or in Facebook Comments.  

Now, to whip some WIPs!

Happy New Year & happy knitting!


*Note, I do not advocate blankets being thrown over budgie cages but you know what I meant x

PS. This is the BLANKET that is standing in my way of some serious casting on ... this is it's year though!


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