Olann July unboxing

Olann July unboxing

Published by Michelle on 22nd Jul 2019

I try to keep the moments of 'Are you sure you did the right thing' to a minimum here at TLYC HQ because, while it's good to plan and research etc, it's never good to second guess yourself after you have done something that cannot be undone but as I get large boxes of yarns delivered during what is turning into a super hot July, I have definitely had a moment of 'You know July and August are quieter than other months right?'. It's handy to be able to tell that little voice that if I have to knit it all myself, well so be it!

And so to our second unboxing video of July - our Olann delivery! Placing this order was one of the trickiest I have had to place since I started the shop. They are all tricky as you have to guess what people will want and balance that against what has sold in the past and a budget. I then have to balance all of that against my desire to buy-all-the-colours-on-all-the-bases! This order was particularly tricky because a lot of people love merino singles and mohair at the moment but my sales tell me that merino nylon yarns usually outsell them by a distance because it is such a versatile base. So I was faced with the choice of as many colourways on a single base or half the colourways on two bases ... I went for all the colourways on a single base because Jess has added so many great new colourways that I had to have them all ... and there will always be more bases?! I hope you like these!

View here on YouTube.

You can find all the colourways here on our Olann page.

I currently have a Love Notes sweater on my needles in Banshee Yarns but as soon as it's finished I'll be casting on a Ziggy by Joji Locatelli which was designed for two skeins of Olann Sock Lite!  The original was knit in Ghostrider but I ordered extra Passe, Boann and Brackish so I could make one in one of these colours ... The plan was to make it in Brackish but I am very tempted by Passe!  I'll be sharing it on Insta as soon as I start!

Ziggy Pattern by Joji Locatelli

Image copyright Joji Locatelli from her Ziggy pattern on Ravelry

Right!  Off to finish the Love Notes because the sooner that's finished, the sooner I can skein up for this! ; )

Happy knitting (& melting! ; ))


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