On My Needles #1

On My Needles #1

Published by Michelle on 5th Jun 2017

As with many knitters I suffer from ‘Startitis’ (check the Instagram hashtag if you’re not sure!) … a lot … but at the moment I have a very rare case of ‘Finishitis’, a desperate need to finish all and every project in the house before I can cast on anything else.  There are a lot of articles that mention knitting in terms of mindfulness and I agree to some extent but I’m not sure the authors of those articles have ever had 10 plus knitting projects on the go which involves yarn and needles on almost every flat surface.  I love it but definitely not optimal for mindfulness practise!

To gather myself together for my Finishitis quest, I thought I’d share details of all the projects that I can actually find and that I will (honestly, I will or at least I’ll try hard) finish before I cast on anything very serious (*casting on for pattern design is excluded from this!) … 

Lichen and Moss, Sue Lazenby.  3 skeins of Life In the Long Grass Silk Sock*, Turf.

I tried to find a date for when I started this but the earliest mention I can find on Instagram is September 12th 2016 and I’m pretty sure there was quite a bit of it knit at that stage.  It is the only personal project I am allowed work on from now until it is finished as the Turf deserves to be set free.  Also if the weather here is going to be on again off again like it has been recently I need a blanket sized shawl (Shawlket?!) asap.

Lichen and Moss Shawl in LITLG Turf

This pattern is perfect for showing off the gorgeous variegation in Turf

Simply the Simplest Sock Fine* for Simon.  LITLG Fine Sock, Kingfisher.

First sock is in progress.  It hasn’t been on needles for too long but they should have been with Simon for our 7th Wedding anniversary (May 29th) … hopefully before we’re married 7 years and a month!

Simple the Simplest Sock in Kingfisher

There has never been a more perfectly named colourway as this Kingfisher!

Cherry Rascal hat*, Joeli Creates.  Swamp, a very early trial handdyed here at TLYC!

This pattern, in Joeli’s Natural Shades book, is such a lovely hat with a great texture pattern and I couldn’t resist trying it in my own handdyed yarn.  I really like the way the colourway looks knit but it is about the furthest away from suiting my complexion as any yarn has ever been.  It will take someone with a much less lobster skin tone than me to carry off this hat!

Cherry Rascal in Swamp

Swamp, not for this ginger!

Polgooth Socks, Blacker Yarns Classic DK.  1 done, 1 cast on!

I am a lover of real WOOLLY WOOL and no one does it like Blacker Yarns… I have quite a bit in my stash but recently cast on their Polgooth socks which I bought the yarn for at Yarndale last year.  I’m knitting them in Blacker DK classic so they are unashamedly woolly.  They were originally intended for Simon but I didn’t think I’d get the full pair out of 200g so I commandeered them for myself early on!

Polgooth Socks by Blacker Yarns in Classic DK

The detail in this sock pattern are really lovely

Against all odds (Max), Isabella Kramer.  Countess Ablaze, Tia Merino ‘Fake Your Death’

The yarn from Countess Ablaze was Simon’s gift to me for our anniversary.  Countess Ablaze yarn has been on my Must Try list for a while so no better time. I was only allowed a jumper quantity of yarn (no single skeins is the rule of the moment) so went for 500g in Tia Merino Fake Your Death to make an oversize Against All Odds - you can’t go wrong with an Isabel Kramer design.  This is my Sunday knit as I want it to be right so it may take a little while.

Tia Merino from Countess Ablaze

I love purple & green together so this mad me quite happy!

Yet-to-be-named squares of my new blanket*

I love knit blankets so am finally getting around to a pattern for one … it’s just gone for technical edit but still needs a full sample.  I have everything crossed that it will be available for the shops first birthday on June 23rd.  These squares really don't count towards total projects as they are 100% required!

Photo samples for Simply the Simplest Sock Smallies*

Now that I have an adult sock pattern, the pattern I am asked for most often is a kids size sock pattern in 4 ply.  So I am currently knitting the samples for the project. I don’t have any small people and have no concept of the size of kids feet but thankfully my parent friends (all Mammies!) have kindly volunteered actual real kids feet sizes so at least I have a clue.  So far I have learnt that kids feet are bigger at an earlier age than I would have thought.  The samples will be going to my three nieces for a final review asap (aged 8, 10 & 12 so I’m ready for my most fierce reviews ever!) and once they have told me what needs to be changed (!), the pattern will be available!

Again, these socks don't count as they are 100% required!

Very odd little mini sock

This is the result of testing the heel stitch counts ... quite a creepy little thing!

In the deeper recesses 

  • Next squares of the Knit Now Blanket Along.  I thought I could keep up with one square a month but I was wrong!  Soon though as these are a quick fun knit and I love the Wensleydale Gems.
  • Touch me Shawl* in Debbie Bliss Rialto Sock*.  This was just a ‘What will a Touch Me look like’ so this will be finished but I’m not sure quite how soon!
  • Touch me Shawl* in Herriot, River Stone*.  This should have been with my Mom for Christmas last year.  Perhaps as an early Christmas 2017 gift!?
  • I Heart Aran jumper, Tanis Fibre Arts.  I took this out to look at it and realised that this colourway really isn’t going to suit me but I’m going to continue as the Malabrigo stitch definition is gorgeous and I have put too much effort into the cable to stop now! Perhaps after I finish my Against All Odds …

I heart aran by Tanis Fibre Arts

I am no cabler but this is going to be worth it!

  • Lucy Vest by Eline Oftedal.  This is *almost* finished.  There is just a small matter of some steeking which I haven’t done on a full project before.  I’ll be revisiting my Anniken Allis tutorial notes for this although now that I know more about steeking than when I chose the yarn for this project, I think the yarn may be a bit too slippy and I *might* be in touble!!

Steek panel of Lucy Vest

I will steek it, I will!

  • Dotted Rays*, Stephen West in Lang Jawoll Magic 6 ply*.  This is a shop sample that will definitely be ready for the Ally Pally.  Really, it will be… really.
  • Simply the Simplest Sock Fine* in a LITLG Club colourway.  One finished, one to go.  For myself.  No estimated completion date! 

What is due onto my needles … 

> West Yorkshire Spinners have released 6 gorgeous patterns for Wensleydale Gems* so at least two of those need to be made as show samples (oh the hardship)

> Another Lush Cardigan* – I am determined to use my stash this year so have 4 skein of Kettle Yarn Co which were intended for a shawl but I think with the addition of a LITLG Silk Harvest held double, these will make a magic Lush Cardigan (you can never have enough Lush cardigans ; ))

Seventh Wave Cowl – released by the lovely Maylin Scott, this pattern is available on Love Knitting & will shortly be available on Ravelry.  I think it’ll be a perfect use of my Knitting Goddess St. Kilda lace mini skeins which I really want to put into a project as they are just wasted by being hidden in my stash

> A notion I have for a jumper in Herriot Fine* … which me luck, it’ll be my first serious attempt at grading a pattern!

There are others but I think the above should keep me busy until September!

Right, there are 22 squares to be knit and one already knit that needs to be changed to match the updated pattern!  Wish me luck!

Happy Knitting,


* I have popped this star in beside what we stock as we don't stock a number items mentioned in this post.  If you'd like more details on anything above, including those we don't stock, just drop me a note.  I'm an equal opportunity knitter!

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