Operation Social Justice

Operation Social Justice

Published by Michelle on 15th Mar 2020

It has given me great pleasure over the last number of months to see how much more representative the yarn community has become of people of colour and other minority groups. There is a long way to go but there is a level of consciousness and recognition that wasn’t there before. It has benefitted everyone, I mean what is not to like about being aware of more designers, dyers and makers.

I am taking part in Operation Social Justice because there is still a distance to go in the community but also to clearly say that it’s not ok to lash out at people because you are hurt by having your privilege pointed out, that it is not ok to mock people’s endeavours to highlight the struggles of members of our community and to clearly state that I, as both Banshee Yarns and The Loveliest Yarn Company (& myself) have no tolerance for intolerance.

20% of the sales of Fáilte and Tinteán will be donated to Refugee Action. Fáilte is the Irish word for Welcome and Tinteán is the Irish word for fireside. We need to create a warm and welcoming community for all people, not just those we think are most like us. Only blind luck means I was born into a country that is safe and secure and where housing, education and employment are something that can almost be taken as guaranteed. I have never worried for my safety or that of my family because of war and famine. Refugees do not have that privilege and in this country and all over Europe, the treatment of refugees is appalling.



Operation Social Justice Tintean


In addition to the 20% from the specific colours, 20% of all sales of The Loveliest Yarn Company Sock patterns on Ravelry will be donated as will 10% of all sales of Banshee Yarns between noon on March 15th to the end of March 2020.

Our sock patterns are available on Ravelry here.

To read more about Operation SJW, please visit the Gamer Crafting Website.

Update: These colourways, when available, can be found in the Banshee Yarns Yak Sock category!

Stay well all, we live in very strange times.


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