RuSock Knitting Pattern Release

RuSock Knitting Pattern Release

Published by Michelle on 15th Jun 2019

It’s easy to get really enthusiastic about something and then plough into the middle like a bull in a china shop.  So to avoid doing some terrible wreak with a clumsy pattern release,  I thought I would write a post about how these sock patterns came about and what I’d like to do given their inspiration but also the timing of their release. 

The inspiration

Simon and I are huge RuPaul’s Drag Race fans.  I think we have been watching it since the first three seasons became available on Netflix.  We started watching after some hilarious FB posts from a friend of mine -

( Connor, who I have known since I was in Uni and who has a blog that is both heart warming and heart-breaking in equal measure.  You can find it here (this blog is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK, not suitable for the sensitive and a complete overshare of many intimate things but is one of the most honest and hilarious accounts of being human that you can imagine)

 – and we have been hooked ever since.  We have been to see Bianco Del Rio (twice) and Jinx Monsoon and have a list of other former contestants we’d like to see. 

Handknitted sock with spiral neon yellow stripes on a navy blue background

Inspired by Brooke Lynn Heights Runway look in Episode 1

These socks are inspired by Season 11 of Drag Race, the current season, which has just finished.  *Spoiler* I was TeamVanjie all the way **.  Everything about this season was neons and colours and awesomeness. I have dozens of screenshots of the show that I’d like to make other patterns of as soon as I have the skill / time!

However I am deeply conscious that as a cis-gender woman married to a man that this show, as Ru said in the finale of Season 11, is by queer people, for queer people, about queer people so I don’t want to just dive in, release inspired patterns and hope to make money off the back of LGBTQ+ folk and allies.  I also want to celebrate the message of the show and so, based on that, £1 from each sale of one of these patterns, as long as the patterns are available, will be donated to Stonewall UK. 

Some may see this as a token gesture so once the tech editing costs of this pattern are covered I can donate a greater amount from each sale.  Also this will not just be for Ravelry sales of the pattern but also printed copies, including any sales I make on a wholesale basis.  Also if I sell yarn kits to match the pattern I will donate £1 from each of the yarn kits to Stonewall as well. 

Release Date

The original release date was to be May 30th to coincide with the Season Finale but things got away from me.  So then I thought ‘Oh June, Pride Month, Party!’ … but that was before I saw an Insta Story (I am so sorry, I can’t find it anymore to share the originator) that said (paraphrasing) pride is about giving something to the LGBTQ+ community, not selling them things … and I realised it’s not my party, even if I consider myself an Ally, so I should have a think.

So to support of Pride I’d like to gift the patterns (one or both) to people celebrating Pride for free for the month of June.  You can either email me at / FB DM / Insta DM with your email address or Ravelry name and I’ll send you a Ravelry copy or if you’d like a copy sent to a friend, ask them if they are happy for me to have their Ravelry username / email address, and if so drop their details to me and I’ll send them a copy from you!  To allow for post office runs/time zones/etc it may take up to 24 hours to send your pattern so don’t panic if it’s not immediate!  (Also June 13th to 15th I’m at Woollinn in Dublin but will try to get any patterns sent out each evening!).

I’m trying to do this in the most anonymous way possible but some details are needed to gift patterns on Ravelry : )  I will only use email/Ravelry username details to gift the pattern and will delete those details as soon as I have sent the pattern.

I’m not a big designer and Stonewall may only ever see a few pounds but I couldn’t release these patterns without acknowledging their inspiration.

I hope you like these socks.

Happy feet, happy Pride


You can find RuSocks here and Team Brooke Lynn Socks here on Ravelry.  You can find details of Stonewall and their work here.

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