Saying goodbye to Dovestone

Saying goodbye to Dovestone

Published by Michelle on 27th Jan 2018

This time of year is quite a heady time to be a yarn store as many of the wholesale businesses are launching new yarns and it's a constant battle not to 'Buy all the things'. Baa Ram Ewe have launched their new Pip Colourwork range which we will have in stock after Unravel, as well as their three new Titus Shades. The Knitting Goddess is now doing custom prints on her bags so I need some of those. I want the full the Socks Yeah DK range, including the new colours. I also have dye slots with 2 new dyers & with Lisa at For The Love of Yarn … and Stitches, the big UK yarn and craft trade show, is in the middle of Feb & we *might* be going to H&H (the big European yarn trade show) so there are many lovelies arriving in the next few weeks!

However it is also a time when wholesalers change what is available to stockists. Baa Ram Ewe have taken the completely logical business decision that due to the rising price of Wensleydale, Dovestone DK will now only be available directly from them and that is why we will no longer have Dovestone DK once our current stock is out. They have introduced a new double knitting yarn for stockists, called Winterburn, which is beautiful, and I am planning to replace Dovestone with it. To do this I must first say goodbye to all of my Dovestone stock as there is only so much space here at TLYC HQ. I wanted to share this change so everyone understands why we will no longer be stocking it once our stocks are gone rather than it not being an awesome yarn!

To help say goodbye to Dovestone as quickly as possible, so we can replace it with Winterburn, it has now been reduced in price, as have copies of Dovestone Hills & Yorkshire Shores. You can find them all in our Clearance section. Also reduced, but not in the Clearance section, is our Sharman cardigan bundle.

Now I'm off to clear the packing table because there *might* be a little bit of Dovestone leaving : )

Happy knitting,


Also, in line with Baa Ram Ewe, we will be increasing the price of Titus to £17 once our new stock arrives at the end of February.  Until then it will remain at £16.  You can find Titus here.

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