September Stash Smash

September Stash Smash

Published by Michelle on 8th Aug 2019

I don’t know about you but I often look at my stash and think ‘Seriously, Michelle, you are going to have to do something about that’ and then I go about my merry way only to cycle back to the same thing again.  So after the Stash Flash Bingo on Instagram (you can find the template in our Instagram highlights if you don’t know what I’m talking about), I might not be the only person with those thoughts so I thought a challenge would be a great idea to help us all get on with some much needed 'from stash knitting'.  When better than September as well, a month that even though it’s been quite a while, still gives me a Back to School feeling!

Why Stash Smash?

For anyone worried that this is named after the aggressive ‘Yeah, smashed it, mate’, city boy, backslapping, fear not!  I was thinking about what to call this challenge when I saw the Jo Lycett Sketch about Artisan Coffee Shops and his avocado smash!  It cracked me up and it rthymes with Stash!  (In case you fancy the sketch:

So what does it involve?

Stash Smash is a challenge to help you stop looking at your stash and WIPs and get on with some focused knitting, with a lot of support and chatting to go along with it. 

The challenge will run from September 1st to 30th so enough time to finish something but not too long that it gets tiresome.

It’ll include four Big Challenges that will be posted on Sunday mornings (the first post will be September 1st) and four smaller challenges that will be popped up on Wednesdays.  

I am hosting it in the TLYC Knit and Natter Facebook group which you can find here

Why the Facebook Group?

I love Instagram but it can be tricky to see everything that everyone is posting whereas on Facebook everyone can post on the one thread and include pictures.  Facebook also keeps a good timeline of what is going on, making it easier to find things if you want to go back later on.

It also means that it doesn’t need to be bothering folk who don’t want to take part and also allows for Live videos on Friday nights! : )  It may be surprising but not everyone wants to see me rambling!

How to join in?

It’s simple.  Head over to Facebook and join the TLYC Knit and Natter Facebook group and be ready for September 1st

The group also includes a number of TLYC free patterns and other chat so even if you don’t feel like the challenge, feel free to come on in.

And if you want to dip in and out, please do!  It’s not a ‘Do them all or you’ll be scolded’, it’s pick and mix to suit yourself.

Right, best I go get ready for September 1st!


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