Sockvent 2017

Sockvent 2017

Published by Michelle on 1st Nov 2017

Hello my lovelies,

Firstly, apologies! It has been a little while since I have done a blog post.  Show season has been amazing but there has been some lying down required in between shows! : ) I’m completely addicted to Prep-pack-unpack-set-up-take-down-get home-count-reorder-lie-down-repeat but it has meant I have neglected the blog!  Promise that’ll change!

In addition to that, there has also been some planning for Sockvent … a lot of ‘how do I make this pattern work cuff down’ … but I can finally share the details!

What is Sockvent?

There are a lot of awesome Yarn Advent Calendars available this year.  I know many knitters who have ordered at least one (and as many as 4!!).  I know that I nearly had to break my fingers not to order The Knitting Goddess one … I was so relieved when it sold out!  Some of the calendars include patterns but not all and so the idea of Sockvent was born (that and a complete addiction to socks!).

Sockvent is a December knit-a-long to make a set of 25 individual mini socks.  Each day in December we will release a design (chart, lace instructions, other) to make a different mini sock based on our Once You Sock mini sock pattern.  Each design will contribute to a full set of 25 individual mini socks that will make up bunting or be added to a Christmas tree or hug up anywhere for happy jolly holiday joy! 

How will Sockvent work?

  1. There will be 25 mini designs which will all be based on our Once You Sock pattern.  They will all consist of a 36 stitch sock, knit top down, but each will have a different pattern / motif to make them unique
  2. Full yardage, needle size etc details of what is required for the whole set will be shared in advance.  We will have kits in the shop for those who aren’t knitting from stash or another calendar.  The designs will be based on solid colours but there will be daily help to make other yarns work.
  3. While the main sock pattern will be shared before December, each mini sock design will be a mystery until it is released.
  4. We’ll have a Ravelry discussion board to answer any questions and to provide help, post finished socks etc
  5. We’ll be using #tlycsockvent17 for sharing
  6. The pattern will be £6.00 on Ravelry.  I debated the price for quite a while.  A basic sock pattern is about £2.50. For an additional £3.50 there will be 25 mini designs (some will be quite straightforward, some a little trickier) so it works out about 20p per design which I think is quite reasonable : ).  Some of the designs are available in stitch dictionaries but have been modified to work for cuff down socks (Funny how stitch dictionaries are predominantly from the bottom up… and less funny (but still amusing) is how long it takes to reverse some designs! : )
  7. The designs are all knit … hopefully I’ll get my crochet act together at some point, but for now, they are knit x
  8. The knitting time for each sock is estimated to be between 2 and 4 hours so while they may be a little time consuming, it will be possible to complete them in time for Christmas (or just complete the ones you like!  : ) )

When will the designs be released?

The overall details, including Once You Sock, will be made available on Ravelry in mid-November.  It will be similar to other mystery knit-a-longs in that once purchased it will have all the basic instructions and details.  Following the initial release, each individual design will be made available on Ravelry the day before the day it is for.  For example, the December 1st sock will be released on the morning of November 30th.  This is to give everyone a headstart.  Each design will be revealed on Instagram on the day it represents to avoid spoilers. 

You can knit along each day or build up a few and then catch up … or even make just the ones you want.  The pattern will be available as a full set of motifs and designs once this year’s countdown is complete.

If you are interested and would like to join in, you can sign-up to our newsletter here where we will sahre when the pattern is available.  Our November newsletter will also include a discount code for the full set.

We have set up a General Questions discussion board on  Ravelry for any questions! Also if you haven’t Socked before, my Sock tutorial is now available over on YouTube.  It’s not perfect but hopefully it’s useful.

Happy counting down! : )


The more the merrier for this so I’d be thrilled if folk shared this! Christmas socks .. what’s not to love? ; )

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