10 knits for 2018

10 knits for 2018

Published by Michelle on 26th Jan 2018

I love a list so thought I’d just share a few of the knits I’m thinking about for 2018 … thinking about ; )

Sharman from Knitting Outside the Box

The original plan for this was to make it in Dovestone DK..  However as Dovestone DK will no longer be available to stockists (don’t worry, it’s still available directly from Baa Ram Ewe.  Our Dovestone DK sale starts next week!).  The last of ours is on sale here!), it will most like be in West Yorkshire Spinners Illustrious or Fleece DK.

Mailou from Knitting Outside the Box

I’m intrigued by what Bristol wrote about these in the book, about short rows usually being a faff (paraphrase) in small items, so I’m going to have to try it out – it may be a good way to practise short rows.  I also have a skein of the actual yarn used to make these - Julie Asselin Leizu DK in the most gorgeous grey – so it would be a shame not to make them.

Mailou Mittens

Mailou Mittens! (Image copyright Bristol Ivy, PomPom Press)

Snow Flake from Great White North

I think this is one of the sweetest sweaters and will make a gorgeous sample in West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep or a really affordable sweater in WYS Essentials DK! In the Essentials DK Red & Emerald, it might also make the daftest Christmas Sweater!

Miniscule Mittens from This Thing of Paper

Oh & everything else in This Thing of Paper!  To be knit in Baa Ram Ewe Pip Colourwork yarn or in Witchy Craft Lady Witchy Tots (or both!!).

Miniscule Mittens

More mittens ... there may be a trend! (Image copyright Karie Westermann)

Enchanted Mesa

Our copies of WestKnits BestKnits 2 arrived yesterday and of course we’ll need a show sample!  A little more muted but I think Enchanted Mesa will look forgeous in WYS Fleece Natural Aran, all three colours.

WestKnits BestKnits

Funchal Mobius from Happit

Being cast on this weekend.  Every since I saw this in Kate’s newsletter, I knew I was going to have make it.  The Coop Knits Socks Yeah is so lovely in colourwork socks, it should make the most gorgeous cowl!

Moder Dy from The Book of Haps

This is on needles right now! Woo! And I want 2!

Grace Cardigan from Island

I have been saving my LITLG Shack for just this project.  I even bought a dress to match the yarn so I’d hurry on and cast it on.

Linden Leaf from Nancy Merchant Brioche

I think I’m listing a brioche project because I should and this is the smallest brioche pattern I stock! ; )

Linden Leaf

I'm hoping this gets made, but who knits! (Image copyright Nancy Marchant)

Fancy Hen (& many more of the Dovestone Creatures)

Although we won’t have Dovestone anymore, I’m still knitting all the Dovestone Creatures from Small Holding (back in stock in Feb) … although probably in 4ply, they are just ridiculously cute!

I’m sure as soon as more books arrive in the shop this will change and there are at least 10 (million) patterns that I don’t stock that I want to make too but for now, I need to go and cast on at least 3 things on this list ; )

Happy knitting,


PS. Just as I was finishing this, I had a thought about holding the Shack double and possibly making the Sharman in it … ooohhh… so much yarn, so little time! : ) 


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