The best laid plans

The best laid plans

Published by Michelle on 15th Jan 2019

We are back from our week of being closed for stock taking and our little January holiday. That week was supposed to be sock and shawl WIPs with a lot of family time, leading into this week which was to start with a jaunty little blog post about starting our 2019 a little late. Rueful head shake about summarises how I feel about those plans now.

Simon broke his hip last Sunday which led to a much more dramatic start to the year than anticipated. I don’t always share personal bits and pieces here on the blog, mostly because nothing that interesting happens, but while the impact on the business won’t be dramatic, Simon is a pretty important person in the overall smooth running of it : ).

We were skiing. We go every year with my family in January. It’s not a big flashy holiday, just a lovely warm one. I spent from 18 to 25 trying and failing to learn to ski and then the last 13 years being not so bad at it. Simon started, and fell in love with it, about 10 years ago.

The accident, like lots of skiing accidents, was on a pretty shallow slope, caused by a change in surface. I was skiing ahead and didn’t realise anything had happened until I came to the bottom of the lift we were all supposed to take and then no one else appeared.

I could say the next while was a blur of ambulances and such but it wasn’t. It was all very matter of fact. Simon was taken to Annecy central hospital, operated on within 3 hours of arriving, I muddled my way through as I have passable French, he spent three nights in hospital, was transferred back to the chalet and then back to the UK via ambulance.

It’s been a humbling, educational, confusing and frustrating few days. I’ve never appreciated good insurance cover, the EU nor my A-level French as much as I have in the last few days, nor the help and support of my family and friends.

Simon is feeling great, everything considered. I’ve never appreciated how such a simple accident could be quite so debilitating for someone. Simon is putting his heart and soul into not asking for anything but there are still limits on what he can do for himself. Of course, trying to stop him doing things he doesn’t need to be doing is probably the hardest … who needs to go down stairs to the back door just because the cat is crying to come in? Certainly not someone with a broken hip!

Everything is mostly back to normal here at TLYC HQ and I'll be sharing all our plans for the year in the next wee while.  Now I’ll leave you with the post I originally planned on posting when I got back from our week off … everything is still true, just a little less the focus of right now : )



This is the original post I planned on posting after I came back from holidays to start our Shop New Year on January 14th until things took a little diversion:

Lots of folk are advocating not bothering yourself with a ‘New Year, New Year’ mantra as you are absolutely fine the way you are…  And that is absolutely true but for me I love this cliched time of the year!  I’m all over a list of resolutions and all the cheese-y-ness that goes with it!  I’m definitely not trying to be a better version of myself … just a tidier, better organised version! ; )

I didn’t go for knitting resolutions last year … just to have everything in the post ripped or whipped … and by setting the bar at a nice achievable level (super-duper low), I did it! Woot! 

This year I’m really just continuing on with my WIP rules that I started last year …

My WIP list is very usual

1 in Design, 1 in Shop, 1 in Personal (should really be in design and shop but ..), 1 in socks and 1 in crochet … well, two in crochet … the big blanket and the crochet creature that is still in the drawer! 

I felt a bit ‘hhmm/meh’ about what I was going to be knitting for myself in the coming year until I looked in my stash yesterday.  Everyone is posting their MakeNine for 2019 but because there will definitely be a lot of shop samples and hopefully designs, I’m not sure what I’ll be able to fit in for myself … however, a bit of stash diving and I was able to pick out the yarn for 10 projects that the yarns were actually bought for!  (Update Jan 15th: My original plan was to add all of these to Ravelry but I didn’t and now I can’t remember where I put the written list).

I’m pretty thrilled that I finally figured out which yarn I’d use in my Caitlyn Hunter!  4 skeins of Mad Tosh & the contrast in Sparkly Duck singles.

I do have four actual resolutions for the year as well: 

  1. Single skeins of sock yarn are allowed but only if I have knit two of my current ones into something – a two out, one in principle ; ) (Update Jan 15th: I have found a lot of new folk to knit socks for! Woot!)
  2. Crochet all the crochet kits I have!
  3. Kit all the knit kits I have!

But most important of all: 

When I download a free pattern that a designer is offering on Ravelry, I will buy another one of their patterns.  Now that I design patterns, I understand the effort that goes into them and while I recognise that offering free patterns is both a gift and a method of attracting new customers, I want to be in the customer section : )

I’m also considering doing some commissions & finished items in my own patterns but that remains to be seen … knitters don’t need them and non-knitters are reluctant to pay the price of both yarn and labour!

Shop resolutions … very similar to last year but there are two big plans for next year that we will be sharing in the next while.  Plan 1 shortly, plan 2 later.  Also hoping to have a companion book for Sockmas *eek*  & a shawl eBook ...

Next time … Brexit chat & details of the upcoming ebook (if the samples are finished) (Update Jan 15th: These are still coming!).


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