The Wool Barn Unboxing

The Wool Barn Unboxing

Published by Michelle on 11th Sep 2019

I first met Maya from The Wool Barn at Fibre East about five years ago now I think and it was yarn love at first sight!  I bought some of her beautiful pale silks and some of her sock yarns and it was love.  She was one of the first dyers I emailed when I knew I was opening the shop.  At the time she wasn't doing wholesale but would keep me in mind if she did it in the future.  Over the next number of Fibre Easts and Yarndales I bothered the face off her! ; ) She is just the loveliest person!

Maya and Michelle at Fibre East

Maya is ace ... even if she is #teamdog ; )

And then it happened!  In August of this year Maya sent me her wholesale details and well it would have been rude not to order straight away.  I'd have bought everything on the list and more if I'd had the budget at the time but you can't always have everything so this is just a small selection of my favourite colours for now.  The plan is to have many more colours in many more bases. 


For many of the yarns I stock I often have a sample ready to go because I was an addict before a stockist and The Wool Barn is no exception!  I was about half way through my Slow Exposure when I placed the order so I had to have it finished!  Sorry for the bad pic!

Large shawl on blocking mats

I love this so much I even sewed in the ends!

This Cashmere Sock base is so soft and beautiful that it could be used in just about anything next to the skin.  In addition to being soft it has 10% nylon and has a twist which makes it durable as well so it can be used in socks too.  Perhaps not those for hours and hours of hiking but definitely not just house socks!

You can find all the colours we have in stock here on the site.

Now I'm away ... I feel I need to turn some of this beautiful yarn into Lacey Socks!


PS.  Please buy this yarn because really, I won't stay out of it for long!  Kidding, only buy it if you need/want it, but seriously, keep me away from it!

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