TLYC 90 Day Knitting Planner

TLYC 90 Day Knitting Planner

Published by Michelle on 23rd Dec 2019

The 90 Day Knitting Planner is the result of the many chats I have had with folk this year.   I have had a lot of conversations with knitters and crocheters, both online and at shows, about Stash Stress and Yarn Overwhelm!  Many people are at peak yarn and it’s not making them happy and when something that is supposed to give you joy is making you stressed, that is not good! 

A planner makes sense to me as I have found that having a plan has helped me be less stressed over the years.  Nothing beats corralling everything into lists and a plan to make them seem possible!  I want people to feel happy when they look at their stash and all of the possibilities that are in it.

Planner Cover image

There will be a crochet version too asap!

There are some great printed annual planners out there for knitters and crocheters but I wanted to do a 90 Day planner as I find I lose momentum if I plan too far in advance.  I also like the idea of a digital planner as you can print only the pages you want.  It also means I can add to it over time.

So, what’s in it?

The planner contains all the bits and pieces I think are useful when planning for 90 days.  It includes pages to list all of the projects, yarn and techniques you want to focus on for the next 90 days and 90 day, 30 day and 7 day planners to break down your plans.   It also includes a Project Tracker, as well as Notes and Sketch pages, and you can print only as many of these as you need.   

Our updated Project Tracker

We have updated the TLYC Project Tracker!

This will evolve over time, I’m sure!  The 12 Pairs in 12 Months tracker that is already available in the Facebook Group, is the same format as this planner and, as I was planning my next 90 days, I realised that I’ll have to add a ‘Design Tracker’ page in the very near future!  I’d also be delighted to take suggestions about what people would find most useful.

Printed version

I’ve already had feedback from people who have reviewed this that they would like a printed version.  I wasn’t expecting that but I will definitely think about it!  Perhaps something for ‘Kickstarter Make 100, 2021’! 

My next 90 days

These are my current plans for the 90 days … at least there is something to be derailed!

MG My next 90 days

Filling this out I realised that Cologne and Yorkshire Yarn Fest clash ... Oops!

MG 90 Days of Projects

 I hope to add a few more to this!

Get your planner! 

The planner is available by joining our Facebook Group or by signing up to our mailing list.   

Happy knitting and planning!


A little note for folk who stress 

I see you, getting edgy already, worried you won’t be able to get everything you put into the planner done.  This planner is to help you make more time for a hobby you enjoy.  It is not a(nother) stick to beat yourself with! 

What do you say?

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