TLYC Vlog Episode 9 Show Notes

TLYC Vlog Episode 9 Show Notes

Published by Michelle on 3rd May 2019

I've been a bit inconsistent with the show notes but from now on I am going to add them here as well as the video and a link to YouTube! : )

Welcome to Episode 9 of The Loveliest Podcast. 

You can watch this video on our YouTube Channel here and you can also Subscribe ; )

Lots of chat about Wonderwool 2019, Banshee Yarns, what’s on my needles, my Wonderwool yarn haul, a discussion of pricing and privilege in the knitting community and then two and a half minutes of lovely Wonderwool clips.

To go straight to the Wonderwool bits, go to 53 minutes (I did a lot more rambling than intended!).

What I’m knitting:

Winwick Mum Socks & a garter stitch pattern

You can find our bundle of the book and yarn here:

Banshee Yarns

Launching at Woollinn in Dublin in June.  You can find the social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram – just search for Banshee Yarns

Check out the collaboration between Sam Draws Things and Dye Candy!

Yarns, patterns & notions mentioned

Armscote Manor

The Knit Hatty Hat  Use code KnitHatty until May 5th to get 35% off (I’ve changed this from May 3rd as I was so late posting this blog!)

Giddy Aunt Yarns

Dragon Hill Studio

Ainsworth and Prin (The Knitting Shed)

John Arbon 2-3ply sock yarn

(Just to say – as I’m relistening to the vlog writing the notes – beautiful commercially dyed yarns) 

Cartref Yarn

Correction: West Yorkshire Spinners Colourlab – when I said ‘wool mix’ I was referring to a mix of different fleece types rather than it being mixed with other fibres.  It is 100% British wool.

Socks from this lovely man

Woolly Monkey bags

Oh and forgot to mention in the video, I also got a gorgeous pattern by Winwick Mum designed for The Yarn Café 

Pricing & Privilege

Best to watch to see what I say about this but in short I am committed to looking for yarn and patterns for the business in more places than I do at the moment to ensure I don’t just have a blinkered view of what I find. 

Also my economics lesson on price elasticity is definitely not as accurate as it should be! For more information I definitely recommend looking for an actual economist! 

As I listened to this again, particularly where I talk about privilege, it might appear that I was talking about material things only.  That was not how I intended it to come across as ‘things’ in my mind represent the job you have, the education you receive etc as well as a home etc. 

If you do want to work with me, you can get in touch with me at [email protected]

And two wee notes – the camper is left hand drive – I am not filming while driving : ) and £10.50 by 2 is not £22.

What do you say?

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