Together for Women

Together for Women

Published by Michelle on 17th May 2018

A huge thank you to everyone who bought the Repeal and Choice yarns that were dyed to raise money for the Together for Yes campaign.  It has also been so touching to receive many lovely messages as well as the orders. 26 skeins sold which meant a £260 (€300) donation to the campaign!

As I wrote when I posted about fundraising originally, my fundamental belief is that women should have complete autonomy over their own bodies.  I have faith that women are more than capable of making the best decisions for themselves in their individual situations. 

I won’t argue any of the points raised by the Keep the 8th side but I will say that the disrespect shown to women, people with mental health issues, people with downs syndrome, people with disabilities and many others during their campaign is an assault on basic human decency.  There has been no empathy, no compassion and no understanding and is a damning indictment of the hypocrisy of their campaign. 

In contrast, the dignity of the (predominantly) women who have campaigned for Repeal shows the great strength and resolve of Irish women to do what is right.  They have faced into the mistruths and insults with great bravery.  I am proud to have known Dr. Fiona De Londras and Professor Mairead Enright in Uni and am deeply inspired by the work they have done during this campaign.

I love the small little island in the North Atlantic, I just hope the people there love the women who live on that little island just as much.

May the 25th be with us. 


Many of you will already know that I’m Irish but, as I have been asked why I have raised money for Together for Yes, I just want to confirm that I’m as Irish as turf, I just happen to live next door at the moment : )

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