To Swatch or Not to Swatch?

To Swatch or Not to Swatch?

Published by Michelle on 14th Jul 2016

Special yarn deserves a swatch so you get the best out of it. 

Is the yarn really suited to the pattern?

This isn’t quite about tension but it is a good use a tension square.  I recently used the most gorgeous twist sock to make a lace capelet for over a dress for a wedding.  Of course I didn't swatch so I ran out of wool, it draped incorrectly, weighed about 4 stone (pattern originally for lace weight, used 4ply!) and I had to buy a cardigan for over the dress!  The yarn is now waiting to become the socks it should have been, I learnt a gorgeous new lace style but a swatch would have told me no and saved me quite a bit of time! : )

4 Stone Capelet

4 Stone capelet!

So I have decided to swatch, what now?

When I was planning this post I was going to cover details of how to swatch, what to expect and some other details.  Then I saw that Rachel, from Porpoise Fur, had written a guest blog post over on the A Yarn Story blog that was far superior than anything I could have written so I recommend that you pop over there to get some great how to swatch detail and you could have a browse through the A Yarn Story shop - they have some lovely yarns too : )   

I’d love to hear about swatching successes and less successful experiences and do a follow up here so please share below, or contact me on Facebook or via email! 

Now, I need to do some WYS Aire Valley DK swatching for those his and hers matching jumpers I threatened promised Simon. with.

Happy knitting,


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