Westknits MKAL Suggestions

Westknits MKAL Suggestions

Published by Shee on 18th Sep 2019

I have mixed feelings about promoting yarns for and taking part in the annual Westknits MKAL. The business owner in me tells me that people love taking part and will want yarn for it, so if they fancy new yarns for it, why not make some suggestions but another part of me feels like it is a bit like proposing at someone else’s wedding!

I’m going to salve that slightly icky feeling by taking part as Unrulyknits rather than Loveliestyarnco on Ravelry and posting about both a Banshee Yarns version and a from stash version. Let me know if you feel like I’m getting down on one knee any time I post.

This year the ‘brief’ is high contrast yarns, 200g each of two colours, nothing too variegated… so absolutely perfect for Banshee Yarns. At the moment I’m drawn to Yak Sock rather than Silky Singles but only because I have so many shawls in Silky Singles already.

For Yak Sock Airgead and almost any of the other colourways is where I am leaning at the moment. Villanelle Light and Shee are currently fighting it out for first place. Dorcha and Villanelle Light are also on my list but I need to dye some more Dorcha as this lovely black yarn keeps selling out. Then there is Gorse and Moss which appeals to my Irish heart.

Currently winning, Yak Sock in Shee and Airgead 

A very close second, Moss and Gorse

For Silky Singles I am tempted by Dorcha combined with Nude (undyed). There is a small niggle in my mind though about mixing any very saturated yarn with an undyed yarn. I set my yarns for hours and rinse until they rinse clear but I am always nervous about mixing dyed yarns with undyed. I should really put my yarn where my mouth is. I’ve also just finished dyeing new batches of Nightmare and Ruin, both of which could be contenders.

Nightmare and Fortune on Silky Singles

A less usual option, Villanelle and Fortune on Silky Singles

All of the above are in stock at the moment but I will be doing an update as soon as I am back from Yarndale, currently planned for October 1 st, so if there isn’t anything you fancy on the site at the moment, I’ll be back shortly.


You can find the details of the MKAL here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/starflak...

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