Wonder Woman Chart

Wonder Woman Chart

Published by Michelle on 8th Mar 2019

I thought International Women's Day was the perfect day to share this chart so that everyone can knit a Wonder Woman logo if they'd like. The chart below shows the basic chart and how to include it in a 4 ply sock of various stitch counts. The knit sample is knit in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply, Cayenne Pepper (red) and Butterscotch (yellow). The sock pattern the counts are based on is my Simply the Simplest Sock pattern but most 4 ply sock patterns will work with this motif.

This motif can be included in any project or pattern desired. Should this motif be used in a pattern, please link back to this post.  To use, right click on the image and save it.  It can be printed if required.

Apologies, this is not the most elegant way of sharing but Ravelry (quite rightly) does not allow single charts to be uploaded without an associated pattern.  

Happy International Women's Day!


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