(Wonder)Wool for the Soul

(Wonder)Wool for the Soul

Published by Michelle on 3rd May 2018

I am just about recovered after Wonderwool last weekend!  It has taken me a while to come down as it was all just so perfect (if a little chilly and well, chilly weather means aran is still selling well ; )).  All shows have their own vibe and Wonderwool is definitely one of my favourites.  How could it not be considering that as you drive in to set up there are bleating lambs playing in fields nearby!  

Logistically for vendors it is easy to set up and take down and that makes a huge difference for shows.  It isn’t visible during the show but being able to get all your bags and boxes to your stand without a fuss is lovely.  We stayed in my parents camper this year and even getting that in and out to set up was easy so that will tell you how smooth it is! 

I had the same stand as last year and was thrilled to see my stand neighbours from last year!  I love our little corner of Hall 3!  Andy (a Yorkshire rogue of the best type!), Almas & Charlie on the Wooltops stand, Terri & Becca from Ewe and Ply, Carol from Feltcreative and John from the WoolZone (a Scottish rogue of the best type!) …

Minis from Witch Crafty Lady

 I couldn't resist these mini's from Almas of Witch Crafty Lady (on the Stand with Wooltops)

Falkland Merino Silk

Nor could I resist these Falkland Merino / Silk naturals from Wooltops! 

My Dad was at his first ever yarn show and I’m still not sure he has recovered from how much yarn he saw and all the tools you can buy to go with it!  He was also the cook and whipping boy for the weekend so we were very spoilt! : )

Dad working in the shop

John was also put to work before the show! 

I think what I love most about Wonderwool is that it is closer to the wool than to the tucked and primped finished products.  Last year I got to buy yarn from the flock of Harry, a gorgeous sheep who had my heart last year.  This year I was able to buy mohair from two Angora goat flocks – A Cookley Yarn and Spindleshanks yarn – owned by two of the three women on the Crafty Goat Club stand… the third woman being the owner of the kid goats that it about broke my heart to leave!  Honestly!  Having a kid goat suck your finger is in the same soul warming category of having a purring cat sleep on your chest.  Having grown up on a farm I don’t have a rose tinted view of having animals but I have made an executive decision that we are getting goats as soon as I can pry Simon out of the Midlands and back to West Cork!  Don’t worry, that is much further in the future!

Angora Goat Kids

Much goaty shenanigans!

The mohair / lambswool mix is destined to become a hat and the finer may become some socks … 25% mohair is good enough to replace nylon in socks, then 100% mohair must be almost bullet proof! (I’ll let you know how true that is : ))

A Cookley Yarn 

A Cookley Yarn, mohairy socks to come!

Spindleshanks Yarn

Spindleshanks Yarn!

I didn’t get a much more looking around time but I did have time to see Deb and her lovely team at Find Me Knitting with Luxury Yarns (I may have come away with some Pineapple Soak!) and a few other stands but only briefly!  Thank you lovely folk of Wales for coming out and shopping and therefore keeping me on the stand!   People make a huge difference to a show and the people of Wales are just so nice.  It's a bit like being at home in Ireland and I could listen to Welsh people speaking forever!

I did also find a little time to pop in had a chance to pop into the Chesterwool stand and check out some new bases for dyeing … and although I bought nothing there, it was the most expensive stop of the day based on the large box that just came through my door yesterday ; ) (New bases coming soon!)

There are amazing food stands as well at Wonderwool, tonnes of parking, lots of loos (although my Dad did find the fact that the gents is a ladies from 9:30am to 5:30pm tricky on the first day.  He claimed that once men see the big ‘Man’ sign, all other signs about timings and changes to a ladies do not register : )).  I would absolutely recommend not just Wonderwool but a visit to Wales with a visit to Wonderwool.  It is a little chilly in Wales at the end of April but it isn’t as if anyone reading this blog is short of wooly apparel ; )

A huge thank you to the team at Wonderwool… I can’t wait for next year already!

Packing for The Handmade Fair is next … It’s more of a craft festival than a yarn show but also worth a visit!  Sadly there won’t be any mohair heart stealers at it although I believe the Sloe Gin Man with the Cheese Bombs will be there so that may steal my heart at THF.


Also a huge thank you to everyone who bought my own handdyed yarn and to everyone who almost cleared me out of Lay Family Yarn which we launched as new to us at Wonderwool.  The Lay Family Yarn is now on the site and as soon as I dye up some more, our handdyed yarn will launch on the site as well!

Lay Family Yarn

Getting the reminder of these beauties onto the site asap!

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