WIPs and Finishitis

WIPs and Finishitis

Published by Michelle on 16th Jan 2018

In the peace and quiet between Christmas and New Year I sat down to write a post about my 2018 knitting plans.  To make sure I wasn’t repeating myself, I read last year’s post.  I noticed that there were just a few too many projects mentioned in that post & in my Summer post that were still lurking about.  It was time to gather the WIPs and see if I could catch a little Finishitis (castonitis's much less frequently experienced friend!).



Now finished! 

Peanut Sweater from Tin Can Knits, in a King Cole Yarn (I started it before WYS released machine washable Bo Peep!).  Of course the child it was intended for is now way too big so Norm was the recipient!  

Norm in his vest

No Norm's were harmed!

Simon’s Anniversary LITLG socks!  These were due for May 29th 2017 … oh well!  At least they didn’t become his 2018 anniversary gift.  Of course he loves them so much he now wants more handmade socks!

Simon's Anniversary Socks

LITLG fine sock makes really fine socks!

Cherry Rascal Hat from Natural Shades Collection.  I started this to use up my aptly named yarn Swamp.  Love the hat and how it knits up but I’m not sure anyone will ever wear this hat.  I can’t think of anyone of any colouring that this monstrosity of a colourway will suit! 

Cherry Rascal in Swamp


Knit Me in LITLG Halcyon.  This was started as a sample as Halcyon was the lonely colourway of my LITLG season but of course as soon as I started it, I nearly sold out of it … some yarns just need a little swatch!  This sample will be on sale as a finished item at The Handmade Fair in Ragley Hall as I license this pattern from Louise to sell both the pattern and finished items.  I just love making it so much!

 Knit Me in LITLG Halcyon

This is much greener and prettier in real life! oh and no one said anything about finished equaling blocking! ; )

Coraline from Socks Yeah.  I love knitting Socks Yeah in colourwork but I will have to redo the heel on this sock.  It was my first afterthought heel and it may be my last, unless there is a very specific reason for doing them.  I suppose I am so used to a heel flap that anything else and I’m lazy! 

Coraline Socks

Yep, naughty heel for sure

Moved on but not finished

Simple the Simplest Sock in Debbie Bliss Luxury Sock in the lonely last colourway!  I started it at a show as a sample and again, as soon as it was knit up, I sold out of the colourway but the resulting socks are so nice, they deserve to be finished!  I’ve finished one and have started the second.

Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock

Prettier off the ball!

I Heart Aran (Tanis Fibre Arts).  It had been two years since I’d touched this, mostly on the basis that I had no idea where I’d finished in the middle of the front cable.  Of course because it’s a cable, it took me only a little while to work out where I was.  Honestly, those ‘big jobs’ that build up until they can’t be done that then take 2 mintues to fix!  It was a back and a third of the front, now it’s a back, front and most of a sleeve so it’s finally looking like I’ll have this gorgeous sweater!

I heart aran by Tanis Fibre Arts

Soon my pretty ; )

Found in the round up

It's ok to forget some projects somtimes right? 

LITLG Autumn Club colourway socks.  One finished, one to go.  I’ve managed to find the remaining yarn so that’s a first step!

Latvian Mittens, mitten number 2.  I had forgotten I’d cast this on and literally found it on the final WIP round up this morning!  I’m delighted though because I really want a pair of these!   

Blacker Yarns Polgooth Socks in Blacker Classic.  Lurking since the Summer list and again, mostly because I am not convinced I did the heel correctly and I’m reluntact to go on.  A nonsense of course!

Fingerless Mittens in WYS Yarn Shop Day Colourway.  Intended as a Christmas gift but they didn’t quite make it.  Next Christmas I think. 

Against all Odds in Countess Ablaze but that will be frogged this year to become something else … I fancy it in the So Comfort Fade Cardigan.

Lurking Wips

Not quite as soon but soon-ish

Lurking Design bits

Repeal Pussy Hat (chart only), one mitten (notes roughly typed), another sock motif (almost ready for release but I need a better sample), one DK baby sock (pattern needs testing in all sizes), one adult DK sock (heel on first size to be tested), one cashmere sock (notes need to be typed up) … I’m not sure if they count as most of them are destined to be reworked but I feel they need to be included for total honesty!

Repeal Hat Motif

I need to get on to get this finished before the referendum!

Shop WIPs

Totally legitimate and due for Unravel

  • Simply The Simplest Socks in Qing Fibre Matrix
  • Touch Me in Qing Fibre Underwater
  • Touch Me in Lang Magic 6 Ply

 Shop WIPs

Unravel here we come

The one that is still getting away!

My Eline Oftel sweater vest.  I love this but it has been untouched for longer than the I Heart Aran sweater.  Part of it is that it requires steeking.  I know the theory of steeking and was on a great Anniken Allis course but since I started the vest I have learnt a lot more about steaking.   The yarn I used for the vest is superwash & it’s soft, slipperiness make make it less than ideal for steeking.  I may just need to bite the bullet… at the very least it’ll make a good ‘What not to do when you steek’ blog post! : )  I wonder if I might do 'steeking live' ... oh the pressure!

Sweater Vest

Time to steek it and see

And I think that’s it. 

No knitting resolutions this year except that all these items need to be whipped or ripped by this time next year! Honest!

Now I want that Aran sweater before the Summer Aran Sweater Recess so I’m away.  Confess your wips and share! : )

Happy knitting (& WIP Whipping),


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